Would you like to cure your golf slice (or hook, slice, pull or push) without complicated swing changes?

The Anti-Slice Machine can help you develop a consistent and reliable golf swing. You’ll learn to return the club to the correct impact position time after time. Most importantly you’ll be able to do this by improving YOUR natural golf swing – you won’t have to reinvent the wheel or make complicated and time confusing swing changes.

Anti Slice Machine

The Anti-Slice-Machine will help you develop a winning golf swing.

Based in part on scientific findings and natural learning principles, This golf swing trainer will help you develop a more effective and consistent golf swing without the need to worry about complicated swing theory.

This golf trainer is the world’s first golf training aid that allows you to achieve the Flat Spot Principle (FSP). The FSP was discovered when comparing elite golfers to amateur players during a major bio-mechanical study.

It was discovered that elite players keep the club face and club head on the target line for a longer period of time. This extra time ensures the ball flies longer and straighter without the need for club manipulation through impact. The FSP is why good golfers can hit the ball consistently well and make the game look so easy. It gives them an unfair advantage over all other golfers.

Amateur players on the other hand rarely have the club face and club head working together. In most cases the club face will be open or closed with the club head approaching the ball from outside or inside the target line. This makes achieving a consistent ball flight all but impossible. The end result is a slice, hook or much worse. This inconsistent alignment makes the game more difficult than it needs to be and is the main reason many golfers never reach their full potential.

A better golf swing

The Anti-Slice machine works because it forces (in the nicest way possible) you to minimise the amount of sidespin you place on the ball. It also ensures you can consistently strike the ball in the sweet spot.

All this leads to a longer Flat Spot and a better and more consistent ball flight.

Best off all, you learn to do this without having to think about rules, regulations and complicated scientific theories. All you have to do is swing your golf club through the sponge gate.

You receive immediate and accurate feedback when you don’t do it correctly (you’ll hit a sponge(s)). It’s instant feedback that allows you to make improvement. When you can swing your golf club between the sponges without touching them your ready to move up to the next level.

The BetaGolf Swing Trainer has four levels of difficulty;

  • Weekend Warrior – for beginning golfers or those with poor swing mechanics
  • Club Champion – ideal for club golfers looking to improve their swing and gain some consistency
  • PGA Tour – this is getting difficult and requires your swing to be grooved and consistent
  • Tiger – this is difficult! If you can swing through the gates at Tiger level you know your swing is good. I haven’t met anyone that can do it consistently but it’s well worth the effort.

Learn a reliable golf swing

The BetaGolf Swing Trainer is an ideal golf training aid if your golf swing lacks consistency. It will help you to groove a swing that you can take to the golf course. Best of all you don’t have to worry about all of the technical advice that is likely holding you back;

A perfect take away: Learn how to take the club away from the ball correctly each time. A good back swing sets you up to make a reliable golf swing . If you take the club back too far on the inside or outside you’ll know you’ve made a mistake instantly because you’ll strike a sponge. If you’ve ever had a problem taking the club away from the ball then 5 minutes with the Anti-Slice Machine will help you.

A powerful top of backswing position: You can only reach a powerful backswing position when you can successfully negotiate the sponges on the way back. This position is the new method of achieving maximum power with the least amount of stress and strain. Notice the short backswing location, but there’s still plenty of power!


The “Classic Late Hit” Position: This is the position that every great player has achieved. You’ll notice that the club is behind the hands and there is an angle between the right wrist and forearm. This position has almost been impossible to teach in the past. With the BetaGolf Swing Trainer it is so much easier. Golfers instinctively learn to get in the correct location.


Impact. The moment of truth: By getting into a great impact position you must hit good shots consistently. There is nothing else that can happen. The BetaGolf Swing Trainer allows you to learn a free flowing and powerful golf swing. You’ll train yourself to return the club to the perfect impact position time after time.


The Anti-Slice Machine can help you become a better golfer. When you make a poor golf swing you’ll get instant feedback to the problem because you’ll hit a sponge. This can happen on the backswing or the downswing. It’s receiving quality and immediate feedback that allows learning to take place and one reason this golf training aid is so effective.

There’s no need to worry about damaging your club or yourself. The sponges are nice and soft and won’t cause any damage. The sponges are made from a high density foam, and although soft, are long lasting and can withstand golf club strikes. This aid has also been designed for both left and right handers.

If you’d like to;

  • Reduce the severity, or even lose your golf slice
  • Tame that hook and learn to swing with confidence without the fear of the ball diving straight left
  • Learn to bring the club back squarely to the back of the ball and minimise those duff and shank shots
  • Learn a consistent golf swing that you can do with your eyes closed
  • Develop a smooth and controlled backswing
  • Produce a free flowing golf swing with more power
  • Achieve the Flat Spot Principle
  • Become a better player

Swinging for a few minutes in the BetaGolf Swing Trainer will give you the sensation of what a good golf swing MUST feel like. There’s nothing complicated or technical to think about. This golf trainer works in with your natural swing – gradually making it better without the complication of golf lessons, swing thoughts or trying to copy someone else’s swing.

Bottom line?

It will improve YOUR golf swing, starting right away. And if you do something wrong you’ll get instant feedback. So there’s no self-doubt that your wasting time learning a bad golf swing.


Here’s what you get

The Trainer comes with;

  • The mat: made from high impact plastic it can withstand thousands of strikes from a golf club. The mat shows you where to place the sponges exactly so you can learn and benefit from the Flat Spot Principle. Also, there’s four levels of difficulty to keep you moving in the right direction.
  • The sponges: you receive four high density sponges that can take a beating. The idea is to miss the sponges but you’ll definitely hit them a few times when learning to swing correctly. The sponges won’t damage your club in any way. You’ll receive feedback without causing any damage.
  • The BetaGolf Training Aid Manual: I’ve put together a training manual that will show you how to use the BetaGolf Swing Trainer and learn a better golf swing in minutes. I’ll show you the strategies for;
    • losing your slice
    • hitting a draw
    • swinging more consistently
    • hitting the ball powerfully
    • gaining an unfair advantage with your swing so you can hit the ball longer and straighter.


I’ll also include a HardCopy edition of my best selling book BioSwing – the golf swing of the future. BioSwing lets you in on the scientific secrets of the golf swing. This book has been selling all over the Internet for two years now for up to US$97 per book. If you place your order today I’ll include a HardCopy edition of BioSwing at no extra charge.


And one more thing…

If you order today I’ll give you a Shuggy for no charge. The Shuggy is a driving training aid that teaches you to hit the ball higher, longer and straighter from the tee. It’s one of my best aids and is a perfect fit for this package. I’ll also include my Driving Training Manual so you can get all my best information for becoming a better driver of the golf ball. The Shuggy retails for around $49 but I’m including it with this package at no charge.


How much?

The BetaGolf Swing Trainer is $197 + GST & postage.

Postage costs inside Australia are $33. If you live outside of Australia please contact me for pricing

If you want to get your hands on The Anti Slice Machine SwingTrainer and all of the bonuses then here’s what you have to do.

There’s two ways to place an order.

Option #1: Order online by clicking here

Option #2: Order over the phone. Make sure you have you have your credit card details handy. My phone number is, 03 9815 1878

If you have any questions I’m here to answer them. Give me a call on (03) 9815 1878 or contact me, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

Price: $197*

*Plus GST and postage costs

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