The best way to get the most from your game is to stop thinking so much. Thinking leads to manual control and this is most likely how you’re playing presently. The side effect to over thinking is inconsistency and frustration.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to lay off the brain cells for a bit. It’s time to think less and play more. Again, this is all counter-intuitive but what have you got to lose?

Try the 3 round challenge

I know golf is important to you and perhaps you think I’m a little crazy for suggesting such preposterous advice. But are you prepared to give it a go?

For the next three rounds I want you to swing freely and not worry so much. Here’s the process.

1. Look where you want to hit the ball.

2. Choose a club to do the job.

3. Walk up and hit the ball.

4. Repeat until the clubs are in the car

Your job is to do this for 3 rounds. It’s a lot harder than you think. Your conscious mind will be on your shoulder (I call him Pesky) and he’ll be telling you otherwise.

“This is no good”
“It’ won’t work!”
“You’re not playing any better”
“You just need to fix your swing”

Three rounds is enough for you to experience something remarkable.

Good luck.

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