Most coaches are stuck on what I call the golf instruction merry-go-round. Poor scores and performance are fixed with more instruction. The worse you play, the more information that is fed to you.

This sounds like a good idea but it simply doesn’t work. Your learning system gets bogged down and you make a skill that should be free flowing and instinctive, into a tight and ugly affair. So it’s information overload that is the cause of your problems.

If you’re struggling with your play then the chances are you’re thinking too much and not letting your subconscious lead the way. You’re making golf way harder than it needs to be.

I’ve realised for years that there’s something wrong in the golf instruction world. I set out on a mission to share my story and help other golfers realise their potential. This website is the main vehicle – close to 500 free golf lessons has attracted golfers from every corner of the golfing world.

Along the journey I’ve written a book and held a seminar. But it still isn’t enough. In 2013 I’ll be offering private coaching at my new teaching facility.

As far as I know it will be Australia’s first natural learning golf facility. It will be a place for frustrated, confused and dissatisfied golfers to come and learn from me. It’s a private facility, so it will be just you and me, working together on getting your game to where you know it should be.

I’ve used my experience as a serious golfer, a major biomechanical (scientific) study into the golf swing plus a serious passion for inner game techniques to build the perfect golf coaching/learning programme. It will be for serious golfers who have a deep love of the game and a commitment to discover how good they really can be.

This is a unique opportunity to get golf coaching that is far more than quick tips and basic drills. If you want an experience, rather than a 30 minute lesson, then I would love to hear from you.

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