Look & Shoot Putting Book – free offer

Note: Free offer has expired. Look & Shoot is now offered as a small online training course. You get immediate access to the original eBook, but also, bonus content like training video, audio book, bonus material and follow up lessons. Here’s the original post: I’ve just completed my new version of the Look & Shoot…

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Smarter and better golf

Here’s a great lesson to kick off 2018. I’ve been coaching a young kid for the last six months and we’re making progress. It has been slow because a lot of the time he likes to make things complicated and hasn’t learned the art of “keeping things simple”. Also, he was closed off to self-reflection…

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He could be the slowest golfer I’ve seen

I spent much of last week at a junior golf tournament. For the most part, these kids played free from distraction and let their talent shine through. There was no such thing as too much golf and they certainly weren’t about to let fear ruin their fun. They played the game and I was honestly…

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Conversation with a golfing parent

A few weeks ago I got to spend the day caddying and coaching at a junior golf tournament. And I was surprised at how serious some of the parents get. The kids have a great time – laughing, joking and hitting the golf ball. They are fun to watch – there are plenty of lessons…

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Better chipping practice

Here’s a simple and easy way to improve your chipping and pitching game. If you’re lucking enough to have your own synthetic golf green it will be super easy, but even if you don’t, you can improvise with this drill for equally great results. Last weekend I was coaching a young kid and wanted him…

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Breaking free from golf score

I think I’m so focused on results…that I never truly enjoy the game. What if I played just one game without worrying about score? I’ll still take it, but I won’t become defined by it. What if I just play for fun? Just for one game and see how it goes? Don’t care what the…

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The writer’s secret

golf and writing

Great writers write first and edit later. The poor ones think too much and keep getting writer’s block. And it’s hard to keep writing when you know there’s an odd spelling mistake or some other issue. But the writer keeps on trucking. They write. And edit later. I’ll be forever grateful to my mentor for…

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4 ways to fix your golf swing

fix your golf swing

Ever since being involved in a major biomechancal study into the golf swing and creating a simpler (but) accurate swing model, I’ve spent many hours perfecting the coaching process. One of the highlights of the study was getting to hang out with really smart sport scientists. They were complete geeks and when I got them…

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