Beware! This could be the most destructive golf instruction on earth. The grip instruction that guarantees failure

Using a bad grip will make playing good golf impossible. The worse grip any golfer can use is the one known as a single-axis grip. A single axis grip is one where the club is held in the palm of the trailing hand. It is sometimes known as a palm or hammer grip.

The single-axis theory is based on the assumption that if the club and forearm are kept in a straight line the golf swing becomes simpler. Some believers say that a single-axis grip reduces the complexity of the swing, and minimises the liklihood of injury.

Unfortunately this is not the case. A single-axis grip does not allow the club to be swung with power or accuracy. If the club remains in the palm, the swing becomes awkward and inconsistent. With no means to swing with power, the golfer is forced to lunge, spin and artificially attempt to produce speed. All this increases the chance of strain or injury.

The single-axis theory is built around the belief that Moe Norman, considered by many to be the greatest ball striker, used this grip. Scientific research found that Norman used a conventional golf grip. Although he believed the club was placed in his palm – the grip of the club slipped out of the palm and into a more conventional position. This was the only way he could have ever reached such a high standard of ball striking.

Independent anatomists reviewed this grip theory and all claimed that it is not a viable option for good golf. This theory has remained alive for over 20 years because a golfer’s perception is stronger than reality. I believe that this grip could be the most destructive theory in golf. If you try and play with this single-axis grip you will not succeed – take this as a serious warning.

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