My golf team has made the pennant final being played this weekend. There’s an excitement around the Club as the players and members get ready for the big day. I’ve been asked a few times this week how I’m going to prepare for it. My answer is pretty simple:

I’m going to do what I always do.

That might seem a bit blase’ or even arrogant, but it is all I can do to ensure that I’m at my best.

This never used to be the case. I remember when I was trying to play professionally, I would always treat important rounds a little differently.

  • Always get to the course earlier for an extended practise session
  • Take more time over each shot
  • Think and plan the round to extreme
  • Do things that I wouldn’t normally do – like doing yoga stretches for 30 minutes

All of the above might seem like the right thing to do but there was one major problem. It didn’t work. I never realised my potential because I always changed my approach for those big rounds. I would completely stuff things up.

This Sunday I’ll follow the same routine that has served me well for the last five years:

  • I’ll get to the course 30 minutes prior to hit-off
  • I’ll warm up in the practice nets (I rarely hit balls on the fairway)
  • I might have a little putt – this varies depending on how I feel and the quality of the green
  • I’ll walk to the tee, shake my opponent’s hand and then play golf

Best of all I waste little energy leading up to the day by worrying about the course, my swing or the state of my game. I let everyone else do that! I’ll let you know how I go.

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