BioSwing DVD now available

BioSwing-dvdThis is another thing that I should have done a long time ago. I’ve realised that many golfers like getting hardcopy versions of things – not everyone is a fan of receiving things online.

So BioSwing is now available as a DVD.

This is the updated video that was shot in 2012. It was professionally produced and edited and the swing model has been described as the “Golf Swing of the Future”. Here’s just some of what’s contained within:

  • The best way to hold the golf club so you get maximum comfort and power
  • How to stand to the ball so you minimise tension
  • How to start the club away smoothly and in control
  • The secret little tip for getting extra power without needing to change your golf swing
  • How to start the downswing so you CAN’T slice
  • Why almost all golf instructions cause you to hit a weak slice ball
  • How to hit the ball further, straighter and with less effort
  • Plus lots more

You can get the DVD by clicking here. If you want to see all of the BioSwing products you can do so here.

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