Ihave taken BioSwing to the next level by producing the BioSwing Training Manual. I have learnedbioswing-ebook-training-manual1 from some of the best coaches and scientists in the world. The BioSwing Training Manual was created after viewing a presentation like one from the Austrian Ski Team at the International Society Of Biomechanics in Sport Conference (ISBS).

What has skiing and golf got in common I hear you ask?

Not much. But the Austrian training methods make them virtually unbeatable in downhill skiing events. Austrian scientists have rewritten the book when it comes to ski instruction. Methods that were previously considered fundamental have been shown to be less effective compared to the new training concepts based on science.

Many of their training drills don’t resemble skiing at all. They are done indoors and focus on an intricate part of the skiing skill. One such drill required the elite skiers to slide back and forth on a plastic mat. It didn’t look like skiing but allows skiers to improve their turns significantly. When you consider how many times a skier has to turn and change direction, every millisecond counts!

I was so impressed with their approach that I vowed to do the same with my golf instruction. I wanted to break down the key components of the swing and then give golfers training drills for learning each part.

Then, I wanted to find a way for them to put the golf swing back together again so they could be left with a complete golf swing. A swing that not only looked great, but offered fantastic results.

Here’s just some of the drills and lessons contained in the BioSwing Training Manual:

  • The two drills that will enable you to learn the best possible grip once and for all. This is all that is necessary for having the perfect golf grip.
  • How to set your hips correctly so you can make the perfect downswing move every time. This little key is virtually unknown in the golf world.
  • The backswing drill that teaches you a smooth and controlled swing that gets on plane each time. No more inside or outside swing path… this drill will cure your hook or slice!
  • The Resistance Drill shows you how to stop your body spinning out of control. This is the key to having a successful downswing. We show you exactly how to achieve it! Most golfers spin too much, causing a slice. Discover how to stop this horrible shot immediately.
  • I show you an amazing drill called the Push and Pull. This drill mimics the exact motion your arms need to make in the down stroke. This drill places your body in the “stacked position”, just like the pros. It sets you up to make a powerful pass at the ball.
  • The drill that allows you to learn a swing that generates the most power with the least amount of effort. This drill teaches you to co-ordinate your upper and lower body perfectly, giving you a powerful and effective golf swing.
  • How to improve your timing. The one drill that forces your swing to have great timing and rhythm. Get that magical feeling where everything seems in slow motion and the ball sails long and straight each time.
  • The four full swing training drills that allows you to piece your swing together. Learn to have a complete golf swing that gives you power and consistency without placing your back and joints under stress. These four drills are easy to learn and allow you to have the best golf swing possible without getting bogged down with too much technique.

The BioSwing Training Manual is like a roadmap on how to learn an effective golf swing. The drills and pictures contained in the Training Manual allow you to learn crucial components of the golf swing and then importantly show you how to put everything back together so you are left with a functional and powerful golf swing.

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