Do they really need to know this stuff?

The following came through the Twittersphere via @NeilPlimmer

Do they really need to know this stuff?

Do we (adults) really need to tell them this stuff?

Do they really need to do this stuff?

Keep your feet still
Bend your knees
Keep your head still
Keep your left arm straight
Stand properly
Swing slowly
Keep your wrists firm

If it stops the from moving then it is probably not appropriate!

What might we (adults) tell them?

How far can you hit it?
How high can you hit it?
How fast can you move?

Let children explore movement. Encourage them to move in LOTS of different ways. 

I was reminded of the time when I visited the 2002 Open Championship. The event organisers had hitting nets set up where young kids could hit balls and get coaching. 

One young chap was belting the ball beautifully into the net. He was loving the experience and certainly enjoying all the attention (20 or so spectators watching him). The pro told him to swing slower and adjusted his grip. 

In that moment he lost his flow. His swing was not the same. In an instant his objective changed from hitting the ball to, “how do I need to swing?”. 

It’s poor teaching and something I’m motivated to change. 

I’m currently in New Caledonia coaching and caddying. Yesterday afternoon I led an informal practice session with my charge and some local pros. 

The boys were hitting balls to all sorts of random targets. Never the same shot twice. It’s perfect practice. 

We then spiced things up by having the shortest drive contest. One of the local pros was a master at this. He took a huge swipe at the ball and was able to just brush the top of it. It fell softly from the tee, going only inches. 

Everyone laughed and applauded his success. This guy is a natural and told me he loves playing instinctively – doesn’t bother too much for technicalities. I wasn’t surprised to see this pro play well today. 

The bottom line is we should all play with more flair and less rules. Allow ourselves to move in a way that feels good to us. Let our golf swing find us and never the other way. 

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