Better driving…

Dear golfer,

I’ve been getting some comments since I’ve released The Shuggy about driving the golf ball better. I’ve spoken about this before but I think my key concepts are worth mentioning again.

  1. Forget about hitting fairways. The ‘fairways hit’ stat is misleading. The best players don’t hit all of the fairways – some days they hit less than 50% of them. A better stat is ‘in play’. Get the ball in play, somewhere between the trees, and you’ll do fine.
  2. To get the ball in play you need to remove the straight jacket. You need to free up your golf swing and let it flow. Tight and over controlled golf swings results in missing fairways and loss of power. Let your golf swing flow and you’ll be straighter and longer. You may not hit every fairway, but like the best players in the world, you’ll still be able to make a good score from the rough!

The Shuggy teaches you to free up your golf swing. It’s nearly impossible to swing through the gate if you try hard and be careful. You have to pull out all stops and let your subconscious take over. A bit scary, but well worth it and something worth striving for!

Good golfing,


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