Fade, Draw and Straight shots with one really simple swing

I’ve been using the Swing Trainer quite a lot lately. Not sure why I went off it, but I’m now using it more and more because it’s such a simple way to learn a consistent golf.

And I’ve made a huge realisation over the last few days that it’s actually possible to hit draws, fades and straight balls with this one simple swing. No need to change your technique or worry about complicated swing theory. Just get the club through the gate and play around with different clubface positions and you’ll be able to hit all sorts of shots at will.

In fact, this is so profound because your ball striking will go to a new level quite naturally. You’ll be able to hit a variety of shots without needing to change your golf swing. The ball fades, draws or goes straight with very minor clubface manipulation. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

I’ve tried this with a 5 handicapper, a 38 handicapper, a total hack (Adam) and myself and it works a treat. I’m convinced there’s not an easier way to take your golf swing and ball striking abilities to a whole new level. Check out the video below to see the full story.


  • Achieve the Flat Spot Principle
  • A simpler and more consistent golf swing
  • Less thinking and analysing
  • More consistency
  • Effortless power

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