focus-golfWe can all get a bit overwhelmed on the golf course,

  • worry about our score
  • concern about our swing
  • thinking about upcoming holes

And that’s only a start!

A great mindset to overcome this thinking is to say to yourself:

What do I need to do on this shot?

That one question will make you refocus on the shot at hand. You’ll instantly forget about all the garbage and be focused on the important stuff. Like swinging freely and playing automatically.

This is how you play one shot at a time. And it leads you into a process that will help you make the most of each shot you play,

  • How far away from the hole am I?
  • What is the wind doing?
  • What club do I need to hit?

There’s no room for distraction and at it’s heart is the source of positive thinking.

Focusing on the task at hand.

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  • Steady

    Reply Reply January 4, 2010

    HI Cam,
    the 3 questions
    * How far away from the hole am I?
    * What is the wind doing?
    * What club do I need to hit?
    should be done behind the ball. This then reinforces a correct mindset, derails any questions of dought which then leads to confidence and playing your best golf, from the 1st drive to the last putt. When on the green you should use a putter. Though I have used a 7 iron due to the length of the putt/green but was severly frowned upon.
    Cheers Steady
    PS it wasn’t from snapping the putter over my knee either.

  • Brett Murphy

    Reply Reply January 5, 2010

    This is another great thought from “Cameron’s Stuff” (that is, all of the stuff running around in Cameron’s head).

    On the weekend I had exactly this situation … playing very well, 17th hole, over water, started wondering if I would win the day, if I could just get two 2 pointers then I would do it. Always had issues with the 18th by driving into the trees so needed to make it here. Hit the drive …up, up, up, down, down, into the water – bummer. Made zero points and so went backwards by two strokes.

    Standing on the 18th knew I had to make a 3 pointer – hardest hole on the course. Realised what a mental mistake I had made and decided to just look at the shot at hand and put it in a position. Wind, slice, just hit it. My drive was okay. Next one slightly over trees, again just hit it. Ended up making a great putt for 3 points. Won the day.

    I did try to look one shot ahead to give me a view of where I wanted this current shot to land but I did not put pressure on myself to get it there exactly … just around the area.

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