Getting excited about golf again

Golf can be a shit of a sport. It makes us mad, angry and frustrated. I have walked off the course many times vowing never to return. I always come back though … happy to put myself through any self inflicted torture that I can 😉

I have found that caring less about the HOW and more about playing has lessened the mental burden. I used to analyse each good and bad swing and make the necessary adjustments. This was tiring and left me exhausted by the end of the round. Now I don’t waste energy on thinking about swing thoughts or swing faults. I just play.

This has been a revelation for me. My golf has improved out of sight. I walk off the course feeling energised and alive (only when it’s not 30 degrees 🙂 ). Shooting good scores is fun. But it’s not the best part…

The game is exciting again! This is the best part. Each round is full of new possibilities. Hardly a round goes by where I don’t hit a shot or do something remarkable. The possibility of remarkable is just around the corner and this makes the game exciting. Traditional thinking about swing plane, grip or greens in regulation don’t offer this possibility. It’s boring and to be honest it’s playing safe.

If you’re struggling with your game and not finding golf fun and exciting anymore then consider trying less and playing more. Remove the straight jacket that is invariably holding you back and get out there and play! You won’t regret it!

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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