Go with what you’ve got

A big mistake I see is golfers trying to cram a practice session in before they play. I think it is the worst thing you can do;

  • makes you think too much
  • wares you out
  • likely to get tense if you hit some poor shots
  • make unnecessary changes
  • get stiff and over controlling

Once this happens you’ll lose any flow and natural rhythm. From here it is unlikely you’ll shoot a good score or enjoy your day.

Best that you warm up (preferably into a net) for a few minutes and then go and play. No need to make swing changes or think about how to hit the ball. Warm up – then play. You want to get loose and free. Let go and allow the swing to flow. This will maximise your chances of finding your best game.

In the same way that cramming before an exam rarely works, neither does making swing changes before you play. Go with what you’ve got and have fun. You’ll do just fine.

Good golfing,


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