Goal setting: I learn something valuable from mentor

Goal setting plus more.

Here’s my response to MM:

MM: I think some goals are necessary but also that in this day and age we’re all a bit too obsessed with “winning”. After doing this stuff for a while now, I reckon some better goals are,

– playing without fear
– enjoying golf more
– learning new stuff
– helping others do the above

I’m still learning to do all of this, but it seems all more worthwhile then having one good score or hitting a long drive. Longterm, I know what I’d be aiming for.

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  • Cam280

    Reply Reply July 29, 2013

    I’m always telling myself to enjoy the process. This slows my swing down, I don’t come out of my swing so much now to take a peek. I know when i’m result oriented because my ball flight is high and right, sometimes though it occurs because i’m trying to smash it. But when you learn something you tend to want to look because you’re eager to see the outcome. A great foundation for golf is to not look and trust the process. We are talking milliseconds so stop being so impatient or is it a case of trust. I mentioned earlier that honesty is the best policy, so if you have a habit of lying to yourself this will show up in your swing.

    – playing without fear, this is my goal at the moment Cam and I think AG is awesome for distracting the fearful thoughts. I am counting whilst I imagine the line my ball will take, this information fills my mind leaving no space for Pesky to enter.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply July 29, 2013

      Some more very good stuff here Cam. You are spot on. When your focus becomes more on the routine (the now) you will find your best swing. And you’re dead right again, we’re talking milliseconds and it might not even be that obvious to the naked eye. This is not something that you master in the first 5 minutes – it takes a bit of exploration and time, but it does lead to something more worthwhile.

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