Golf coaching for kids

Dear Golfer,

I received a nice email from a fourteen year old golfer over the weekend. It made my day. It was well written and was full of passion. It goes to show that all golfers are keen to improve at this silly game we play.

His email reminded me of when I first started playing golf at the same age. My first score was over 150…I had 18 shots on the first hole! It wasn’t a great start but I became hooked when I made my first par during the second round. By the end of the school holidays I managed to score 127.

The real fun started when I was able to hit balls most days. I improved quickly…I shot a par round within a year and was able to beat most of my mates who had been playing much longer than me. I never had a lesson, I just hit the ball hard and relied on my enthusiasm to get me through. Things changed when I received my first formal golf lesson.

This had a huge impact on me…my thinking went from hitting the ball to how to hit the ball. This started an array of different shots that I wasn’t used to including, air balls, shanks, hooks and slices. It was awful! It didn’t take long until I was playing at the same level as my mates.

I could go on but that one lesson set my career path. I am now passionate about coaching others. Helping golfers (and other sports people) play better without bombarding them with endless technique. I think this is the only way to play golf to your maximum potential consistently.

For the most part children don’t need coaching. Guidance is probably a better word. Make sure they don’t kill someone with a stray golf ball or club and adhere to very basic etiquette. Other than that they should be left alone to find their own swing. Kids are fast learners and can teach most adults a thing or two about golf. Unfortunately their parents or coach can disrupt this process by offering them too much technique. Let them play I say.

There is no doubt that as they get older they will search out more information and instruction. This is the adult way. If you can let them roam free in the early stages you may let them discover a truly great game, a game that will allow them to perform at the highest level. Hopefully along the way gaining an understanding that their way is better than anything else that they may stumble across.

This is what I’m truly committed to. It’s for this reason that I offer children 16 and under a significant discount on lessons. Parents are naturally welcome to attend but can only be spectators…no coaching from the sidelines! If you’d like to learn more give me a call or shoot me through an email.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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