An open invitation for any golfer that wants to break free from the doldrums of conventional instruction and take their golf game to stratospheric new heights


Would you like to discover then own your very own powerful and consistent golf swing? I’m not talking about a radical golf swing that you read in a golf magazine. No way. I want to show you how you can tap into your best game time after time and bust long drives and hit accurate approach shots stiff to the pin.

If you’re between the ages of 20 and 80 there’s no doubt you’ve lost your golf swing occasionally and probably wondered how to get it back again. I certainly have! There’s nothing more frustrating and annoying not knowing what you’re doing wrong and then not understanding how to fix those problems.

Worse still, it’s even more infuriating when you know you have the skill and talent to perform better but you have no idea how to find your A game when you need it most.

After reading and researching traditional coaching books I realised that golf had some serious problems. There was so much contradiction in teaching manuals I didn’t know if I was Arthur or Martha…I was so confused that I needed something more reliable if I was to get this golf thing worked out.

It’s for this reason I set out to find the answers. I wanted to know the actual reasons behind producing power, finding the fairway and becoming more consistent. Being a stubborn little bugger I probably went to extremes but I’m so glad I did, because, I’ve come up with something that has totally transformed my game…and will help you too!

A Scientific Swing of the Future

I’m not talking about pseudo science. I only wanted the best information. So I teamed with a group of international biomechanics… guys that had helped unlock the throwing controversy in cricket and had made a name for themselves in other sports.

These scientists were good and had the brains and the multi million dollar facilities behind them to research golf like it had never been done before.

They went the extra mile, I made sure of it. I didn’t want any short cuts taken… I was desperate for the best results and the real answers to the secret of the golf swing. Results that would allow ALL golfers to improve quickly, easily and without injury.

The research was comprehensive and included testing protocols such as;

  • Eight 3D motion analysis cameras – To measure and analyse every centimetre of the golf swing and club path
  • A forty-eight retroflective marker system – To ensure the testing could be measured in 3D
  • Force platforms to measure ground reaction forces – To test weight transference and foot action
  • Electromyography (EMG)– was used to measure and test muscle activity of 16 muscle groups simultaneously during the golf swing – for a complete understanding of how and when key muscle groups fire in the swing
  • Independent scientists– the only way to get results not pre-determined
  • 3D mathematical model of the human body – needed to get an accurate representation of the swing

You might be thinking that this type of research is complicated and detailed…well you’d be right. At the end of it the scientists were left with a bunch of data… just numbers and more numbers.

The real trick was learning to understand the data and then come up with something that could be used effectively by all golfers.

This was where I came in… being a golfer I knew what golfers were looking for. I had a deep understanding of the specifics of what golfers wanted to know;

  • Where does power come from?
  • What is the correct grip?
  • What actually causes a slice and how to prevent it?
  • How to reduce stress and strain on the back and joints?
  • What are the real fundamentals of the golf swing?
  • How do I become more consistent?

So we went to work… we had a clear goal in mind and we teamed together to get the answers. It took some time. It wasn’t easy ploughing through the data and having deep level conversations with scientists.

I felt like my head was going to explode! Slowly but surely the new swing evolved… all parts fitted together nicely as the real secrets of the swing became known.

A Simple But Accurate Golf Swing…

I’m not a scientist and I know better than most how confusing it can be when information gets too technical (just spend a day or two with a research scientist to understand). My goal was always to produce information that was going to be easy to read and tailored specifically for golfers…I wasn’t interested in producing something that only scientists could read.

Eventually, right before my head was to burst we finished our mission… we had come up with a swing model based on scientific research and then adapted it for everyday golfers just like you and me. What was left was a swing that could revolutionise the way golfers learned the game. It included;

  • the only true way to apply power in the golf stroke
  • how to apply that power without causing injury
  • the unknown and never before method of reducing and even curing a slice
  • the secret and scientific method of hitting the ball longer and straighter
  • how Ernie Els has such great timing and what you can do right now to copy him
  • a better understanding of swing plane

To be honest with you we had some powerful information on our hands. The swing model was presented at the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport (ISBS) Conference in Ottawa, Canada. Golf professionals and other scientists were left drooling for more. One scientist was so excited by it he called it “The Golf Swing of the Future”. Two international golf organisations viewed this material and couldn’t get enough of it…

The best news was that the scientific swing model proved that an easier and more effective swing does exist and that all golfers can reach a higher level of play. Golfers can now benefit from information like this;

  • Golf grip – the only fundamental that you’ll ever need. All of the other things you’ve read like weak and strong grips are not worth worrying about. Understand the key grip fundamental and you give yourself the best possible chance of producing a powerful and consistent swing.
  • Stance – learn the four key aspects to a correct golf stance. They are simple but important ingredients to a successful golf stroke. I’ll also share with you a virtually unknown step that pre-sets your body for a powerful downswing move.
  • Backswing – discover the real secrets to swing plane and why if you don’t understand it you’ll be misled, confused and waste years of your golfing life. You’ll also learn the exact method of starting the club away, then you’ll have the unlock code for creating a powerful, consistent and ‘on plane’ golf swing.
  • Top of backswing – why you MUST forget about traditional concepts and let science lead the way. You won’t believe how easy it is to have a strong, yet stress free back swing position. No need to wind your body into the ground and place unnecessary strain on your back and joints, There really is an easier way.
  • Magic downswing move – this really is the magic move of golf… learn this and you’ll never be confused about your swing ever again. This is the holy grail of golf instruction.
  • Flat spot principle – discover the swing secrets of the world’s best players. The flat spot principle is the timing secrets that you’ve always wanted to know. Learn why the best players make it lo ok so easy. Get this down and you’ll stop slicing the ball immediately and also have a beautiful look ing golf swing.

I called this new and improved bionic golf swing BioSwing.


The Insider Secrets To Owning A Better Golf Game

BioSwing is just the tip of the iceberg. BioSwing contains some of the best golf instruction on the mechanics of the swing. But I knew this was not enough. I wanted to provide more than just information. I had a deep desire to actually show golfers HOW to improve their golf swing with BioSwing.

I have taken BioSwing to the next level by producing the BioSwing Training Manual. I have learned from some of the best coaches and scientists in the world. The BioSwing Training Manual was created after viewing a presentation like one from the Austrian Ski Team at the ISBS conference mentioned above.

What has skiing and golf got in common?

Not much. But the Austrian training methods make them virtually unbeatable in downhill skiing events. Austrian scientists have rewritten the book when it comes to ski instruction. Methods that were previously considered fundamental have been shown to be less effective compared to the new training concepts based on science.

Many of their training drills didn’t resemble skiing at all. They are done indoors and focus on an intricate part of the skiing skill. One such drill required the elite skiers to slide back and forth on a plastic mat. It didn’t look like skiing one bit but allowed the skiers to improve their turns significantly. When you consider how many times a skier has to turn and change direction, every millisecond counts!

I was so impressed with their approach that I vowed to do the same with my golf training. I wanted to break down the key components of the swing and then give golfers training drills for learning each part. Then, I wanted to find a way for them to put the golf swing back together again so they could be left with a complete golf swing. A swing that not only looked great, but offered fantastic results.

Here’s just some of the drills and lessons contained in the BioSwing Training Manual:

  • The two drills that will enable you to learn the best possible grip once and for all. This is all that is necessary for having the perfect golf grip.
  • How to set your hips correctly so you can make the perfect downswing move every time. This little key is virtually unknown in the golf world.
  • The backswing drill that teaches you a smooth and controlled swing that gets on plane each time. No more inside or outside swing path… this drill will cure your hook or slice!
  • The Resistance Drill shows you how to stop your body spinning out of control. This is the key to having a successful downswing. I show you exactly how to achieve it! Most golfers spin too much, causing a slice. Discover how to stop this horrible shot immediately.
  • I show you an amazing drill called the Push and Pull. This drill mimics the exact motion your arms need to make in the down stroke. This drill places your body in the “stacked position”, just like the pros. It sets you up to make a powerful pass at the ball.
  • The drill that allows you to learn a swing that generates the most power with the least amount of effort. This drill teaches you to co-ordinate your upper and lower body perfectly, giving you a powerful and effective golf swing.
  • How to improve your timing. The one drill that forces your swing to have great timing and rhythm. Get that magical feeling where everything seems in slow motion and the ball sails long and straight each time.
  • The four full swing training drills that allows you to piece your swing together. Learn to have a complete golf swing that gives you power and consistency without placing your back and joints under stress. These four drills are easy to learn and allow you to have the best golf swing possible without getting bogged down with too much technique.

bioswing-ebook-training-manualThe BioSwing Training Manual is like a roadmap on how to learn an effective golf swing. The drills and pictures contained in the Training Manual allow you to learn crucial components of the golf swing and then importantly show you how to put everything back together so you are left with a functional and powerful golf swing.

If all this sounds good, I have the final piece of the golf learning puzzle for you. This could be the most important golf lesson you’ll ever receive. This is the golf learning strategy that is most neglected but is the difference between being a good player to a masterful competitor!

The Most Crucial Skill In Golf

My passion and interest has been the study of human learning for nearly 20 years. I have been fascinated with the way people get taught the game since my first golf lesson. That lesson was potentially the worst day in my golfing life. I went from a confident young golfer into someone that lost his swing and developed a slice and an air ball in forty-five minutes.

This made no sense to me! And it took me a few years to work my way out of the golfing doldrums.

Although well meaning, most golf pros don’t fully understand the learning process. They give you too many things to think about and don’t realise that the final stage of learning must allow you to be more natural and instinctive – this is when you can perform the skill without thinking about it – just like how you drive a car or ride a bike.

Unfortunately this step is either ignored or simply left out. This is the single biggest reason that golfers struggle with their golf swing out on the course. The added pressure of playing golf is enough to make many golfers self destruct.

Three Steps That Guarantee Improvement

Golfers have been let down in the past because golf instructors have not understood the learning process. No matter what you’re learning, good instruction must follow this approach;

  1. Accurate information
  2. A roadmap for learning the new skill
  3. Strategy to learn skills to the automatic level. Vital!

BioSwing and the BioSwing Training Manual take care of the first two steps. Unfortunately this is where most others leave the party.

Learning to perform your skills automatically ensures you’ll be able to play golf like a real master out on the golf course. You’ll have confidence and consistency and be able to play your best golf when it truly matters.

Have you ever struggled on the golf course? Do you hit the ball well on the practice fairway but lose the plot from the first tee onwards?

This is because you have not learned to automatic your golf game. The pressure of the trees, water and other hazards sends your mind and body into a spin. You have no means to control nerves and no blueprint how to execute your swing with trust and confidence.

Play Golf Your Way, How To Find Your Natural Game. The Final Piece Of The Golf Learning Puzzle

Play Golf Your Way is the final piece of the puzzle and is a crucial step for playing your best golf. No matter what your existing level, Play Golf Your Way will help you improve your golf game by covering topics such as;

  • How to develop a sound physical and mental routine. This is not the boring stuff you’ve probably read about before
  • How to develop superior confidence
  • Discover what is an optimal state of mind and how to achieve itplay-golf-your-way-paperback
  • Why the Technique Phenomenon is destroying any chance of you to reaching your golfing goals
  • How to stay in the present – this is the number one rule most psychologists talk about and how show you exactly how to do it
  • Why a great golf swing does not guarantee you’ll be a great player. You won’t believe how much better you’ll play when you start forgetting about swing technique.
  • Why logic and thought can be detrimental to learning a better game
  • Why it’s impossible to attempt to make a copy of your best swing and what to do instead!
  • Why ball striking has virtually no impact on the score you shoot
  • How to make golf as easy as riding a bike or throwing a ball
  • How to learn from your best round of golf and ensure you can repeat it more often
  • The incredible phenomenon that all golfers do in relation to their worst golf game
  • How to trust your swing every time
  • The unique exercise that can improve your golf swing immediately without changing your technique
  • What good golfers think about when they’re playing well
  • How you can get lucky more of the time
  • Why golf commentators and swing gurus are probably hurting your game
  • How to deal with poor shots and get your round back on track
  • How to practice so your swing changes can be learned and then automated in virtually no time
  • How to deal effectively with first tee nerves – and it’s not relaxing!
  • Why many golf coaches psyche their pupils out before the end of the first lesson
  • How the golf industry nearly destroyed the game of a leading PGA Tour star and how to avoid the same mistake
  • A sure fire method of developing a better short game
  • Why you don’t want to copy the style of your favourite player
  • How to avoid destroying a great round with those 2 or 3 shots that blow up your score. Learn to finish off each round in style
  • Plus lots more!

Play Golf Your Way allows you to become the best golfer you can be. You learn the most accurate fundamentals of the swing and then incorporate them into your swing. And finally you become a natural golfer who is able to play good golf consistently well.

PGYW has nothing to do with meditation, relaxation or any other new age garbage. It is solid instruction based on sound learning principles. I’m not going to ask you to stand on your head or repeat strange mantras to yourself.

You will look completely normal… no one will know you’re doing anything differently except for your stellar play.

Golf Instruction 2.0 – The Complete Learning System

Would you like to play with confidence, consistency and enthusiasm? Most golfers I know do, but simply cannot with their current approach.

My complete learning system is different, it allows you to take complete control of your golf game. I give you the best and latest scientific information on the golf swing (translated so it is easy to understand), show you how you can incorporate those swing fundamentals into your game and finally and most importantly I golf-instruction-2-final3dshow you how you can finish of your golf learning cycle by teaching you to master those changes.

I call this Golf Instruction 2.0 and is the only way you’ll learn to be the best golfer you can be.

Golf Instruction 2.0 is the way forward in learning a better golf game. It follows a learning process that has been shown to work time after time. Golf Instruction 1.0, the first 100 years of golf instruction, provides lots of information but can leave the golfer high and dry.

I believe that there is a far better way.

Take Your Golf To A New Level

Have you tried everything to improve at golf? If you’ve read this far I’m sure you have. All of the tips, lessons and articles on golf, although interesting, probably have not helped you improve to your full potential.

Your golf game is likely to be inconsistent, leaving you frustrated and confused as to why you play well one day but like a beginner the next.

Let me share with you a better way.

I have packaged my research, passion and study into one unique and effective E-book.

This book represent a shift in golf learning. It’ll guide you along the path to a simpler and more effective way to learn golf and then ultimately to shooting better golf scores.

The focus is not just on the golf swing. I’m passionate about giving you the skill and enjoyment that can only come when you have a deep inner belief that you’re under full control.

Words can’t describe the euphoria you’ll have when you know, even before you get to the golf course, that you’re going to shoot a good score and play to your maximum potential.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to shoot record scores every time … but you’ll increase the chances of doing so and become much more consistent – like playing to your handicap more of the time and improving your skills constantly.

Are You Ready?

I have a special offer for all enthusiastic golfers. This is the first time that I have packaged these books together in the Golf Instruction 2.0 package. Previously I have sold them separately, asking up to $97 per product.

Three straightforward steps in Golf Instruction 2.0 that will guarantee golfing success:

Get The Swing – This is the most accurate scientific information on the golf swing. You’ll discover the real fundamentals of the swing including the scientific secrets of power application and starting the downswing correctly. This is BioSwing

Learn The Swing – Get the insider secrets to actually learning a better swing. I’ll show you the specific drills and techniques that make learning a better swing possible. This is the BioSwing Training Manual.

and finally – Become A “Player” – Learn the real truth about being able to take your game from the practice tee and out on to the golf course. This is how you learn to get confident and be the proud owner of a consistent golf game. If you’ve ever wondered how to perform your best under pressure (and not choke or ruin a good score!), then you’ll need Play Golf Your Way.

Want to know how much this is going to cost ?

I thought you might.

With many people being able to transform their game, this information is much sought after.

I will be honest though. I make no promise as to how much you’ll reduce your handicap by or the kind of scores you’ll shoot. That is up to you.

I also admit that a few people fail with my instruction. Most aren’t cut out to actually follow the advice. They get side tracked too easily and end up on the never ending merry-go-round of traditional instruction.

The golfers that do succeed have no special talent. They are normal individuals who have taken the time to understand the learning process and are able to appreciate normal improvement cycles. They do not expect miracle cures or unrealistic gains in their golf game.

So, if you’re a good fit for my program, the lessons and instructions can help you succeed.

How much would you be prepared to spend?

Before I tell you that … let me tell you why, no matter what the final price is, you can try my complete golf learning package without risking one cent.

Order the GolfInstruction2.0 package, read it and put into practice what you learn… even send me as many emails you like for the first 30 days. If after 30 days my learning techniques are not for you, simply let me know (you don’t even have to give me a reason) and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price.

There is no hassle or stress… this is my guarantee to you for trying my golf learning package.

So with this killer no risk guarantee, plus all of the material and personal attention you’ll get from me…how much would you think this package is worth?

Keep in mind that I used to sell these products separately. The BioSwing Starter Guide has sold for as much as $97. If you take into account the scientific study, research and the time to compile these products…it could easily sell for $197+

I’m also about to release this package in DVD format. This will consist of an at home study guide. Early indications are that this will be priced in the vicinity of $500.

This is not an open ended offer. Once the DVD package is ready to go I’ll be pulling this deal completely. I just won’t have the time or the resources to offer my services for this incredible offer of: $47*

This is a full $60 dollars less than the original BioSwing Starter Manual, but you get so much more with this package.

Remember this is a complete golf learning system. You get everything you need to know about taking your golf game from where it is today, to anywhere you’d like it to go. You’ll also be one of the first golfers to experience Golf Instruction 2.0 at such an incredible price.

Here’s What to do…

If you want to get your hands on a copy of my Golf Instruction 2.0 golf learning system click on the link below for instant access or give me a call and I will process your order manually.

My office number is (03) 9815 1878, please call during business hours and have your credit card ready. You can always try my mobile, 0403 372 261 if you can’t reach me at the office (I might be out playing golf!)

Yes! I’d like to place an order now and start improving my golf game

This product is an electronic download (unless you’d like the hard copy). You can place an order anytime of the day or night. Once payment has been accepted you’ll be forwarded to the download page, then you can start improving your golf game right away.

Not sure about computers and electronic download?

If computers and the Internet are not really your thing then you may want a hard copy edition sent to your home or office. The hard copy is professionally printed and bound, ideal to read at anytime or place. The extra charges are for printing and postage. The cost of the hardcopy edition is $77, please contact me if you’d like to order a hard copy edition.

Yes! I’d like to place an order now and start improving my golf game

I look forward to helping you and hearing about your success.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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