I’ve been doing this golf stuff for a while now. Along the way I’ve learned a thing or two about the internet, the golf industry and marketing golf products online. If you’re in the golf industry and not happy with the way things are going for you, or you want some ideas, I may be able to help.

The best advice we can receive is from those that have been there and done it. I’m not going to promise any sort of miracle cure (coz they don’t exist) and that’s not my style. I keep things simple and will probably offer you more bang for your buck then most of the interent “guru’s” out there. Most of them over promise and then under deliver. I’ve seen my fair share of snake oils salesman that’s for sure. Here’s just some of what I have a good working knowledge of:

  • Product development
  • Product prototyping
  • China manufacturing
  • Local manufacturing
  • Website construction
  • Website hosting
  • Email marketing
  • List building
  • Marketing strategy and systems
  • Membership sites
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Copywriting/Ad writing
  • Golf magazines
  • Online magazines
  • App building

There’s a minefield of information out there and sometimes the best thing to do is talk to someone who has paved the path before you. If you’re keen to have a chat then please fill in the form to get started. I’ll get back to you right away. There’s no obligation or cost to fill in the form – it’s a first date thing and we can discuss if there’s anything I can help you with.

Use the comment field to tell me us much about your business/idea as you can. Be sure to include your phone number and website link (if you have one).


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