Here’s a list of all of my golf training aids and tools I recommend. They have either been invented by me or come highly recommended. My golf learning tools are “objective” based tools – they allow you to learn the swing/ game more quickly then by yourself.

Drive Launcher – get the scoop on how to hit the ball further and straighter from the tee

Chipmaster Pro – overcome one of golf’s biggest faults and chip like a pro

Swing Trainer – the only device in the world that helps you learn the Flat Spot Principle (updated version available now available)

Almost Golf Balls – still the best practice ball on the market.

Bunker Buster – unique tool for learning bunker shots without any sand (coming soon)

Automatic Swing Trainer – the world’s first golf learning device that will assist you in playing automatically (under development *update* we are getting closer to a working model)

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