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Brock is a regular reader and contributor to Golfgooroo. He started up his own little golf group and this may be of interest to you if you live in Melbourne and are looking for a game. Brock is definitely a convert to Automatic Golf and from what I can gather, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. It all looks like a lot of fun and ideal if “regular” golf is not your thing.

Here’s Brock’s email with more info:

Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to promote our social golf tour the 4LWSGC

About 2 years ago plus a few months, a few of my mates and me where eating dinner after what really felt like a hollow round of golf.
We booked in and played as per normal and my friend Nick had the bragging rights again… then suddenly I said you know what……?
we should start our own club/tour

All of us have had club memberships and official handicaps and we had all let them lapse either through price or formatting,

What we didn’t like with normal memberships was:

A) the cliquishness of most of the “regular’ members (even though we played more golf than these guys they thought they ran the course)

B) playing the same course week in week out just wasn’t giving us any fizz

C) the ridiculous prices!!

D) when you win all you get is a crappy ball as the trophy.

What we wanted to do was play the golf that we see on the TV play separate courses, play stroke but keep it cheap..

So we set up what we originally thought would be a 4 man comp. Bought a “Claret Jug’ as the club champion trophy and set down a 10 round championship.

It took off really well with our friends and we now have 16 members. In fact its going so well I would like to extend an offer out to anyone in Melbourne to join up with us

we have two membership fee structures

$30 per annum + Green Fees
or $5 per round + Green Fees

We maintain your handicap with our 4LWSGC calculator.
We organise and run all the championship events. You will get an invite well in advance to each event via social media or text message.

Championship results and honourboard updated each round on the 4LWSGC website.

Each round winner received a medal.
Each Major winner receives a Trophy.
The Club champion receives the Perpetual Claret Jug.

The Championship is worked out on an Aggregate of your best scores out of 7 rounds so if you miss a round due to other commitments it will not hurt your final championship points.

If you don’t like the normal golf club atmosphere but want something more to play and would like to find out more feel free can contact me directly at:

through the website!

Twitter @4LWSGC

or through facebook

Feel free to ask any questions below…

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