Golfgooroo has a makeover

It has been an interesting week in land. Here’s the story…

The website got hacked. This is the second time and despite added security (better server, stronger passwords) the bastards still found a way to get in. They added some code that redirected visitors to a health site and god knows what else. It’s all pretty messy, especially when you’re sending paid traffic to the site. Google doesn’t like it and finding all the rogue code is a bloody nightmare.

I’ve taken action. You’ll notice a different look to the website – I’ve added a more robust, responsive and secure theme (the old one was allowing the hackers to sneak in – despite the added security measures). The new theme is updated regularly and is super secure (at least that’s what I have been told). Hopefully no more hacking and Google might start to like again.

The only issue is that the new theme isn’t compatible with the old. So some content (especially the older stuff) may appear a little funny or have some strange formatting. I am working my way through everything, but as you can imagine, with close to 700 blog posts and 400 pages it’s a large job. None of this has come at a great time, it’s my 40th birthday weekend and Clare and I have been flat out getting ready for tonight’s party. Anyway, Golfgooroo is looking and feeling better and the site will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend and if you find any annoying bugs do let me know.

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