A brilliant learning strategy is community. This gives you the oppoortunity to mix with like minded golfers and you can discuss your game and theirs. Along the way you learn stuff – helping others is my secret weapon and you always get insight and benefit from hearing other golfers ideas.

So I’m starting Golfgooroo Tribes. I don’t know where this will go or exactly how it will transpire but it’s better to start something and work out the details later. Here’s some of what you guys might like to do:

  • Arrange a game of golf with others in your area
  • Catch up over coffee and discuss AG and your game
  • Meet other Golfgooroo enthusiasts when you travel
  • Have phone conversations with others

Let’s see where this goes. In time it would be great to organise something more formal, like competitions and seminars but Golfgooroo Tribes is the starting point.

If you’re keen to catch up with other Automatic Golfers to discuss your game and maybe organise some golf then enter your details below. At this early stage the idea is to create a private page (I’ll forward you access details and it’s only open to those that register) and you’ll be free to see who’s in your area and those golfers who’d be happy to connect. It’s all about sharing, learning and getting more enjoyment from your game. Go for it.

Enter your details below and you’ll be added to the list. Password hint: Cameron coaches what kind of golf? Complicated, confusing or automatic?

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