Golfing banter

A few weeks ago I got to spend time with my mate and coach Scott Barrow. Golf with Scott is always interesting because he likes to challenge and approaches golf way differently from the norm.

Once, after he smacked a booming drive, he let out a primal scream. In fact, he often gets me to cut loose with a scream to reset the mechanism. It feels awkward and exhilarating at the same time. Try it (and not just on the course) if you’re not scared of breaking boundaries.

Scott doesn’t play much (he reckons 4 times in the last 3 years) but he’s keen to learn. In our regular catch ups he always grabs a club and starts hitting, even if we don’t actually play.

And he’s improving. If your saw him last year you’d think he’d never be able to hit a draw shot in his life. No matter how hard he tried, most shots would start straight and then curve right.

Last time something had changed. It could have been the beer but Scotty started hitting draw shots. And not just one – but consistent shots that started right and drifted back to the target.

Scott: WOW!!

Scott: This game is easy!

Scott: I think I can beat you now.

His confidence continued the next day when we decided to play. Some great drives and a par or two made for some entertainment. He was getting a little cocky…

On the eighth I played an approach that had eyes for the pin. It was all over it and it looked certain to finish close.

Sometimes your best shots don’t quite make it. And this one came up short in a bunker. It must have been the wind.

Scott couldn’t help himself.

Scott: What’s it like to be hopeless and a loser?

Me: It’s everything you said it would be.

Scott burst out laughing. He had nothing. Not even a weak comeback. He knew he was beaten and it felt great to put him back in his place.

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