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I’ve been recommending Almost Golf Balls for a while now – been so impressed I got a bunch of ’em delivered and now supply them. Not sure if you’ve seen them but they’re worth a look. Absolutely ideal for the golfer who likes to get in some practice during the week but is short on time.

Anyway, I was cleaning out my inbox today and found this email from Grayden who tried these practice balls out a while ago. Grayden is spot on with his comments and adds a further insight into why these balls are a great tool (Grayden has a habit of doing this 🙂 ). Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Cam

The “Almost Golf” balls you sent me arrived the other day. Very cool!

I took a few out the back yard and laid into them with a 3 iron towards the back of the house. Got one right out of the middle and hit the kitchen window dead centre from about 15m – no problem!

They really do look and feel like a normal golf ball – SO much better than those horrible lightweight plastic things that give you no idea at all how well you’re hitting.

I pounded a few more into the back wall of the house. No marks on the house and surprisingly not even a mark on the ball.

Only little glitch was that I zinged a couple over the roof of the house. I knew they couldn’t damage anything so wasn’t worried about that – problem was I lost them!

Anyway, soon rectified that by hitting into the sheets hanging on the clothes line (I’ll deny it if you ever tell Mrs P!). Again no marks, no damage. They really are lots of fun.

Apart from the obvious “hit without breaking anything” advantage I think there’s something else they do too. I think they can actually improve the WAY you hit.

Here’s why:

You don’t try and BASH them (there’s no point, you know they’ll never fly as far as real golf ball) and you don’t DOLLY them like you tend to do when hitting a real ball and are worried about breaking things. I found I was swinging with a nice, relaxed “in between” swing – I call it my “falling arms” type of swing where it feels like its just gravity doing the work. As a result the shots were good – nice straight divots with no sign of that nasty “over the top” move.

Anyway, I finished the session feeling very positive about my swing again. If they do nothing else that CAN’T be bad!

I guess its just nice to know that when you really need to have a hit you can now do so right outside your back door without the uneasy feeling you always get using real golf balls in confined spaces.

Like ’em.

He’s spot on. Getting outside, hitting balls and feeling good about your swing (and game) is a good thing.

I don’t recommend too many products. I’ve recently bought into these things and the Almost Golf Balls come with my highest recommendation. I’ve got about 200 of these balls left in stock and will be offering them at a reduced rate. Ideal to get your game in shape for the Aussie summer.

Normal Price – $35* (10 pack)
Special Price – $25* (10 pack)

Like I said I’ve got about 200 balls in stock and can ship them to you right away.

*Please note: The price above does not include shipping ($9.95) or GST.

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Here’s a video that goes into some more detail.

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