Hippity hoppity and the veggie farmer

Here’s an email I sent out yesterday. You may not have seen it so I’ve added it to the blog. Enjoy…

I was going to write today to tell you about Rodger the Golf Coach (RTGC). Rodger called me yesterday morning, quite excited, after he received the email about coaching versus teaching.

“You’re only 1000% correct. I have been thinking about this for ages and you finally helped me see things with more clarity. I could never put my finger on it, but yes, there’s a world of difference between coaching and teaching”, was RTGC’s opening statement.

RTGC then told me about a time when he gave a lady golfer a playing lesson. From all reports the lesson went really well. Rodger “gets” it and doesn’t come on too strong with technical advice – he finds a way to get the client to swing the club – there’s not a lot of mental clutter and interference.

The lady’s husband was most impressed.

Husband: My wife hasn’t been playing for too long. But she really struggles with golf. But it looks like you’ve worked wonders. I’m impressed.

RTGC: Can you drive a manual (shift) car?

Husband: Yes.

RTGC: And did you go hippity hoppity when you were learning?

Husband: Yes, doesn’t everybody?

RTGC: Exactly. It’s the same with golf. There’s always going to be some hippity hoppity with golf. We can’t pick up a club and play well from the first moment – we’ve got to embrace this time.

Husband: I see. Maybe I’ve been a little impatient with my wife.

RTGC: Maybe. But she did well today. She started to hit the ball quite well, she might be over the worse of the hippity hoppity.

Rodger and I spoke for around 30 minutes. I was going to go into some more of the detail about our conversation but have been sidetracked. When I got home last night (I snuck in 9 holes after work) there was a parcel there for me. Inside the parcel was a farming magazine and this amazing letter:

G’day Cam,

How many people do you know who can honestly say “my golf coach changed my life?”. I know it’s bandied around by a few who have suddenly mastered the lob wedge, stopped slicing randomly when under pressure, but changed your life? I’m an exception.

I first stumbled across your ideas five or six years ago and within a year or so had sorted my golf game. You helped me free my brain as I played. Ask any golfer his handicap and he’ll say 19 but I want to get to 15 (or 26 or 18 etc). I was no different and for years had been tantalising close to the magical (in my brain) single figures holy grail. And of course the harder I tried … well you know the old story.

So along comes Cameron Strachan and the game becomes fun again. No more belting the ground in anger or walking the second nine feeling my life was a waste because I’d had 13 points on the front. Golf is a game to be enjoyed Wayne – never forget that again. Yes I’ve played off single figures but way way better than that, I’m now a golfer who enjoys the game.

And so I follow Cam’s journey, and do a little preaching for him. I find quickly that if you’re not ready to listen you sure as well won’t hear. And I subscribe to the Cameron Strachan Letter because I like to have my new perspective reinforced. And there’s extra stuff too…

Challenges. Challenges that I’m ready for as my house husband role of the past 25 years winds to a conclusion. My girls no longer need me but I sure as hell need something. So where to in life? Luckily I believe in fate and good karma.

Somewhere in the Cosmos the stars align and contacts from my golfing world conspire to give me purpose again. Max owns a farming magazine and Baz helps me to get involved. Cam inspires me to boldly offer to contribute. Coincidence or fate? Who knows, but in a seriously short space of time I go from drifting aimlessly to shaking the living crap out of life again. With enthusiasm. Me, writing? I can hardly believe it.

And it’s simply a beginning. I’m meeting people, questioning, listening, learning. I’m alive again and I can’t thank you enough for your part in proceedings.

“Wayne’s World” wasn’t my idea and sprang up way before I was ready for it. As you say though, sometimes you have to take a chance. So I’m on fast forward at the minute, head spinning and bursting with ideas. For now though I thought I’d send you the mag containing my debut articles. I reckon you should at least get a courtesy copy, after all it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Thanks Cam


P.S. I’m off walking barefoot over sharp stones so watch out!!!

I have received emails and letters before. But nothing like this. I sat in stunned silence for a few moments. Clare came over and read the letter. She didn’t know what to say either.

My coaching ideas definitely offer more than your usual golf instruction type stuff. Wayne’s letter has solidified my thoughts that the CSL is the way forward for me. It gives me a way to share my thoughts about all sorts of things at a deeper level. I enjoy it and I know subscribers are getting value. It’s also different. As far as I know there’s nothing like it in the golf world.

I never really thought that my work would change someone’s life. I’m humbled and this kind of thing only motivates me to produce content that’s more remarkable and meaningful.

As you may know, I’m closing the doors to the Cameron Strachan Letter this Friday (for a few months to new subscribers). If you’re interested in getting a physical letter posted to you each month that will challenge, inspire and quite possibly change your life, then now is your chance. There’s also access to an ever growing online resource.

Join the CSL here.

I’m not going to write to you again about this. Wayne has done better at selling the CSL than I can do. I’m off to focus on the next edition.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you as part of the CSL community soon.


P.S. If you want to know about the stone walking bit you’ll have to read the last edition. If you join up I’ll even post you a copy right away.

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  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply May 13, 2014

    “Hippity hoppity” is a great phrase to remind ourselves that all beginnings are messy. When we start a new venture we imagine the thing “all finished and shiny” as Scott Berkun says but don’t want to accept that to get there we have to go through the messy beginning. This seems to apply to pretty much everything as far as I can see. The sooner we accept this “law of the universe” the better I reckon. It takes the pressure off us during the hippity hoppity phase.

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