A problem with "removing the straight jacket"

There has always been a major issue with learning to automate your golf swing.

John from NSW has had to deal with it lately and it’s something that most automatic golfers have to figure out.

It’s hitting the ball too far

Because you’re free flowing, relaxed and playing on auto pilot your body (system) works more efficiently. Any stiffness, fear and over control is removed. All this leads to a faster and more powerful swing.

It’s not a bad problem to have, you just need to make allowances for it. The easiest and best way is to take less club and factor your extra power into your strategy.

I suggested to John that he aim for the front edge of the greens. That will give him a little room to play with while he’s adjusting his range finder.

Under no circumstances do you want to tighten up, swing carefully or play safely. That’s a recipe for disaster!

Removing the straight jacket (playing automatically) can transform your golfing game. It makes golf fun and constant improvement a possibility. You’ll hit the ball further and straighter. It will take some time to adjust to this – you will airmail greens, need your wedge instead of the 6 iron and have tough decisions when you need to decide to go for the previously unreachable green. That’s golf for you but I’m sure you’ll cope 🙂

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  • adam

    Reply Reply May 14, 2013

    I actualy used a six iron once in pw range and now i can hit my wedge about five iron range or what used to be my five iron range. All because i went automatic

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