How to actually play golf – the fun part – week two

Now it’s time to get out and play golf. This is a critical step. Many golfers can perform well in practice but completely lose it once they hit the course. Not good and very frustrating.

This week’s lesson is all about having the courage and determination to take your natural game to the golf course. I will be honest with you…it isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve always played under manual control.

Manual control is an absolute disaster on the golf course. The extra pressure of a score card, playing partners and the normal hazards can be enough to send golfers into a spin. It’s for this reason that many golfers can perform OK in practice, but lose it once they get to the first tee.

So you need some discipline, you have to force yourself to “stop trying” and just go with the flow. Play golf…and your natural game will shine through. Don’t worry if you struggle and find this all a bit hard. You are learning here…score is not important. I want you to play a minimum of three rounds for this lesson. If you can get through this stage I will show you a fool proof method of taking your game to the golf course…until then it is up to you to learn the good old fashioned way.

Go for it…the game is waiting for you!

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