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“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest. Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments…Cameron’s Perfect Putting System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Aaron Baddeley

Aaron's amazing putting stats

Aaron’s amazing putting stats

My name is Cameron Strachan and my claim to fame is teaching Aaron Baddeley the “look and shoot” putting technique many years ago. I’ve been playing and writing about golf performance for years, and in just a moment I’ll introduce you to a putting system that is so powerful that it helped Aaron become one of the world’s best putters.

Aaron has topped the rankings for putting on the USPGA Tour on multiple occasions, and he’s never far from the top of the putting stats. Even when his full game has deserted him, his putting has remained strong.


But Before I Tell You About This Incredible Technique, Let Me Rewind… A few years ago I released my “Perfect Putting” manual to the world…

It was a PDF booklet featuring all of my high level training that helped golfers from all over the world improve their putting. This PDF was literally EXPLODING with “game changing” information…


  • Have MORE confidence so putts can be struck with authority
  • Learning to control nerves so you can putt well under pressure (even with shaky hands)
  • Stop three-putting and wasting strokes each time you play
  • Start making most of those tricky three-foot putts with EASE
  • Maximise your scoring potential
  • Start feeling GOOD about putting again
  • Stop wasting money searching for new gimmicks and putters


My little manual was a hit. It has been sold all over the world and I still get emails from people looking for it. The advice is simple and easy to apply – it will work on all golfers, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned professional.

I’ve recently updated my Perfect Putting system and called it How To Cure The Putting Yips. While it can definitely help all golfers, it has been specially put together to help you rid yourself of those horrible putting yips. The product contains video lessons, bonus content and even case studies of real people using my system and the incredible results they got! So now I’d like to invite you to become a better putter and restore your confidence.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In The New And Improved Version Of My “Cure The Yips” Course…


  • Main Video: 30+ minutes of ground breaking coaching that will show you specifically how to cure the yips and putt with more confidence
  • Lesson #1: Free Putting (video) – this might be the real secret to better putting. Learn how to get our of your own way and lock into your natural and reliable putting stroke.
  • Lesson #2: Listening (video) – this lesson is one of my all time favourites and works like a charm.
  • Lesson #3: Pre-shot Routine (video) – discover the proper thing to do before stroking your putt. Most golf instructors get this wrong.
  • Lesson #4: Putting Yips (video) – sick of yipping your putts? This lesson gives you a solution to your putting misery
  • Lesson #5: Pre-setting (video) – what’s pre-setting? This is my secret weapon lesson for controlling nerves, fear and anxiety on important putts.
  • Lesson #6: Pressure putts (video) – tired of missing those tap ins? Let me show you how to make most of those 2 and 3 foot putts.
  • Lesson #7: Putting practice (video) – here’s my take on how you should practice. I think you’re going to like my carefree attitude towards practice (hint: it doesn’t require hours and hours of time or effort)
  • Lesson #8: Vital Skill (video) – OK, this one is important because every good player does this. Most don’t know they’re doing it but they are.
  • Lesson #9: Reading Greens (video) – This is an almost foolproof way of reading greens. And it doesn’t require any magical skill or talent. If you can stand up you should be reading greens like a master.
  • Lesson #10: Technique (video) – Let me share with you my thoughts on improving your putting technique. And you may be surprised at how easy mechanics are to learn.


There’s also bonus videos, case studies and special lessons on almost every aspect of putting. All up there’s over 12 videos aimed at helping you be the best you can be.

You also get full access to the latest and greatest update of my Perfect Putting Manual (e-book). It has been revised with new content and images. Not available anywhere else!

Plus you get direct access to me via a special contact form. If you have a question or need some specific advice, you’re free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you.

Current Students Can’t Stop Raving About My Perfect Putting System!

“I would have to say that putting was not a strength in my golf game however after putting Cameron’s exercises into practice my putting game has improved dramatically and I’ve reduced my handicap from 5 to 3. I encourage anyone who has trouble with putting to try Cameron’s methods”.

I did the best putting round of my life 11 putts on the 1st nine holes, normally I have at least two three putts!”

“Thanks for your perfect putting; I tried your ‘natural’ method and I’m a convert. Only had one round with it so far but did not have ONE three-putt!!!. I look forward to continued improvement!”

All of the content for How To Cure The Yips is contained inside a special website. All of the training videos are laid out in a ‘step by step’ fashion. So all you have to do is click play and watch the show! It’s like a private membership site that is solely dedicated to improving your putting. Also, the videos are Ipad and mobile friendly, so you can watch them anywhere!

Now You’re Faced With 2 Choices…

1. Keep putting the way you always have…with more BAD days than GOOD. Keep yipping the putter and missing all of those easy putts and walking from the course feeling like a loser.


2. Become a member and discover how putting can be a natural, automatic process that will lower you score and give your game the consistency you’ve been looking for. Best of all, you’ll learn how to stop yipping all those putts and replace the fear with confidence.[/content_box_light_green]

Here’s the bottom line. If you’ve been struggling with bad putting, yipping or wasting strokes on the greens then this website is for you. Everything you learn on the inside will help you dominate on the green with the confidence of a PRO.

In my perfect putting members site there’s no fluff or BS. If you’re not happy with your putting then I strongly believe (and so does Aaron Baddeley:)) that my perfect putting course will transform you into a world class putter.


So Take The Next Step And Become The Putter You Were Meant To Be…Fill in the form below To Get Instant Access To How to Cure The Putting Yips

Cameron Strachan’s How To Cure The Putting Yips Private Membership Site

You’ll get immediate access and login details will be emailed to your inbox. Remember, this is the new and improved version of my original putting information and contains videos, case studies and my latest putting e-book. Enter your details below to get started.

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