How to get your round off to a flying start

Some thoughts and insight on how to get your round off to a flying start. Don’t let the nerves get to you and ruin your day.

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  • Adam

    Reply Reply May 4, 2013

    I’m getting out this weekend for my 6th round of golf in my life. I will try to break 100 again maybe even 90. Thanks for the advice Cameron.

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply May 5, 2013

    “After you’ve done all that BE ACCEPTING OF THE SHOT…”

    Absolutely key. I would go as far as to say if you’re NOT accepting of the shot (get mad) you actually only hinder further improvement because you don’t allow your natural learning system to kick in and make the necessary adjustments subconsciously. When you get mad you revert to manual, tighten up and try and “fix” the problem. The reality is you don’t know HOW to fix the problem. But your subconscious does. Let it do it – OVER TIME. Your role is to stay automatic, stay loose and just keep swinging. An added bonus is you will actually ENJOY yourself 🙂

    PS Adam: my advice is don’t “try to break” anything. Trying to stay automatic all day is your mission. The scores will take care of themselves. If you don’t know how to do that sign up to this web site. Its all here. Good luck.

  • adam

    Reply Reply May 5, 2013

    Thank you i actually just got out there today and enjoyed myself for the full half round og nine holes. 25 over par buthey its only my sixth timeon a course

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply May 5, 2013

      Adam: don’t worry about the scores too much. You’re going through a learning phase so score doesn’t matter too much yet.

  • adam

    Reply Reply May 5, 2013

    Im also worried about distance control and general distance. Cant get any reached the par 4s yesterday in four shots just to get to the green

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