How to hit a lob shot

The lob shot is a pretty good shot to have. It can get you out of trouble and make you look good in front of your friends. When played correctly it can certainly save you a shot or two each round. Well worth having the ability to hit a good lob when you need it most.

The issue is many golfers can’t hit it properly. They get all tight and completely stuff it up and make it look really hard. It’s pretty simple when you follow these simple guidelines:

1. The ball position never gets too far forward. I recommend you keep the ball position about the center of your stance. I know you’ve been told to put the ball forward to hit a high shot, but it’s not helping you. Keep the ball middle, or even slightly back.

2. Open the clubface. How much will depend on how high you want to hit the ball. It’s that simple really, if you want to hit a super high lob then you’re going to need to have the club nearly flat on the ground.

3. Open your stance. This is tied in with the clubface above. I can’t tell you exactly how far because it depends on how high or how far you’re hitting the ball.

4. Swing along your feet. Make your normal swing. There’s no need to do any fancy here. The open club and stance will do the rest. The big mistake I see is golfers deliberately trying to “cut” across the ball. You don’t need to do this – swing normally.

5. Find the target last. A great idea is to get set and make the best swing you can first. What I mean is don’t worry about the target at this stage. When you hit a few shots you’ll learn where to position your body to get the ball to go to the desired target.

If you’d like to see the video of the proper lob shot then check out The Ultimate Golfer website (you’ll need to sign up)

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