How to hit the ball further from the tee

Scientific testing of golf swing

Smashing the ball from the tee makes golf fun. And if there’s something I get asked over and over is

What can I do to hit the ball further?

Way back in 2004 I was part of a biomechanical study of the golf swing. It was pretty full on and the scientists helped me understand all sorts of things;

  • A mechanical advantage that helps increase clubhead speed
  • How to reduce the chance of injury without losing power
  • The correct way to start the downswing so you can simplify the swing and reduce the chance of hooks and slices
  • The correct way to use the arms (and it isn’t what you think it is)
  • How to control the downswing so your body gets into the perfect hitting position
  • Why the forearms DO NOT need to rotate during impact (this is controversial but incredibly important)
  • How to maximise distance and still keep
  • The secrets of the best players in the world and why they can hit the ball so far and make it look easy

The bottom line? I now know the simplest and easiest ways of hitting the ball further and straighter. The scientists picked up a few controversial things that go against the grain and tradition. But it’s these things that make all the difference.

My previous webinar on putting was a huge success. I’d now like to invite you to my next webinar on The Scientific Secrets To a Longer and Straighter Drive. There’s no cost (yep, it’s free) and I let loose and give you all of my best information on playing golf with more power.

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