This is where things get interesting.

The usual approach to fixing your golf swing is to bombard your brain with lots of info. You know? This kinda stuff,


  • Swing slowly
  • Keep the club on plane
  • Cock your wrists
  • Hit with the big muscles
  • Swing slowly
  • Rotate your hips – but not too far
  • Transfer your weight
  • Follow-through to the target
  • Finish with your weight on the front foot
  • Etc


I could go on and on. There are millions of things golfers have been told to do over the years. And if you’ve played for any length of time you’ve probably tried most of them. But how has this worked for you? Are you playing better or worse because of all this information?

There must be a better way.

What if there was a way to improve your swing without getting bogged down?

Here it is.

The secret is to give yourself enough information (it has to be correct and this is where the biomechanical information was brilliant) so you can get going in the right direction – but not so much that you overload your brain.

Overloading is no good. As a human you can exhaust your system very easily. And once you go too far, it’s hard to come back. Here’s an example…

One of the best drills for developing a better swing is to throw the club. “Throwing” was found to be the fundamental motion in the downswing. And because most of us have lots of experience at throwing, it doesn’t confuse us or bog us down. Throw the club towards the target and this motion closely (really closely) resembles the perfect swing. Here are some guidelines;

– Start slowly. Do not go full pace just yet
– Only throw the club a few metres or yards towards a target
– Aim to get the club to finish in line with your target or slightly to the right (if you’re right handed)
– Be safe. I’ve seen clubs go backwards, sideways and all sorts of directions. So take it easy

But what about the finer details of the swing?

These will all be taken care of naturally. There’s no need to worry about doing everything correctly. If you’re able to throw the club towards the target then you’re doing just fine. If you think too much at this point and aim for too much control you’ll simply stuff it up. That’s not the goal.

Again, the act of throwing the golf club closely resembles the perfect golf swing. So throw the club and you’ll be on the right path. Your job now is to grab an old club and go throw it. I’ll see you in a minute.

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