How would you swing the club if…

Swinging with confidence

Swinging with confidence

Your golf swing was consistent?
You knew the next shot was going to find its target?
You had confidence surging through your body?
You felt invincible and poor shots were NOT a possibility?
The fairway seemed massive and the rough small?

The only other question I have is this;

Why aren’t you swinging like this now?

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  • Tony Lucas (Lukey)

    Reply Reply December 17, 2009

    I have an easy answer to that question my name is not God hee!hee!hee!
    It goes without saying if you swing confidently and with no thought(auto) your mistakes I have no doubt will be minimal.We have to face it though we will make mistakes it is how we deal with it.
    Cheers Lukey

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply December 17, 2009

    Very good questions! They highlight that we often approach golf with a negative mindset. We shouldn’t be surprised what we get!

  • DP

    Reply Reply December 17, 2009

    Many aspects of your comments need examining.
    1. Consistent is relative, no-one has a 100% swing
    2. Shot might well find target but ball can bounce, spin, not spin etc. and not stay on target
    3.Confidence comes from good past experiences (if any) and confidence also comes from getting the dose right at lunchtime.
    4. Invincible – I thought so when I was young but cannot fool myself any longer.
    5. Large fairway – occurs when one is confident in the shape of the shot.
    The above are why I am not swinging like this now but I sometimes get close when putting!
    On the few occasions when I felt my swing was consistent I have felt very confident and, when I analyse it properly, I was swinging automatically because of a succession of previous good shots.
    Perhaps there is something in your questions – I will give them more thought.

  • Steady

    Reply Reply December 18, 2009

    Hi all,
    I think the biggest reason we don’t swing like that is because of fear, stress and cause/effect.
    Fear – ob left or right, water etc, what if thoughts enter our head.
    Stress – have to make birdie or a 8 ft put for par/bogie
    Cause/effect – if i have the 5 correct fundamentals ( grip,stance, alignment etc) my ball will go to it’s intended target.
    I now like to play with a draw. So I just simply set up to play for a draw and let everything else happen. I don’t analyse or tell stories if I stuff up. I just put it down to a bad shot and MOVE ON.
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers Steady

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply December 18, 2009

    @ DP: Very good DP. You certainly are a character.

    The main idea is that you have to swing the club with confidence first – no matter how you feel or what your swing is like. By doing this you’ll have a major breakthrough with your game. Too many golfers spend far too long searching for the perfect game – they never break free and waste years because they never get out of first gear.

    Appreciate your thoughts.


  • Brett Murphy

    Reply Reply December 18, 2009

    A little bit of psychology, parenting and some other stuff here, so be warned!

    Did you ever swing a club when you were young (less than 10 say) I wonder if you remember worrying? Do you remember hitting the ball into the lake and freaking out? …

    Or do you remember hitting it in there and saying to your mate … let’s look for some balls in the lake? or an attitude like that …

    We saw it as an opportunity not as a stress.

    Maybe, as a kid you rode your bike over jumps without a care in the world and when you look back on it now you think “god, how did I survive?”

    As we grow up we LEARN our capacity and capability or what we believe to be our capacity. But as we grow up the way we learn is from our parents, our surroundings, our experiences … those experiences many times are set in the ways of “oh, he is a child, he will learn”. And so by the time we grow up we have these “beliefs” of what we can and cannot achieve based on these “point in time” experiences and relationships that we had at the time.

    So now, what I like about Cameron’s teachings, is that he is asking us to “let it all go”, to try again, to learn again. You now have the capacity to THINK on your own (without the limiting “just a child” view), and learn in your own way – this can be very invigorating, to the body, mind and soul … but it is hard.

    So do you remember when you did something in your adult life that you thought you would never achieve – perhaps it was a manager that said you could do something and believed in you and you did it, you “re-learnt”. But you have to let go and as an adult, that is hard, very hard. But think of how you felt when you achieved what you thought you could not achieve … and remember that when you swing, feel the high emotion, the elation, the successful feeling and swing freely.

    Keep at it, if the ball lands in the trees, then it is an opportunity (to look for balls perhaps like in the lake!). Swing freely on the next shot and when you hit an “amazing shot” as your partner in golf may call it – it was not all that remarkable … you did it and I bet you can do it again.

    So, let’s bring out the child in us, be free, put a smile on your face, you are with friends (or I hope you are!) on the golf course … enjoy … you have an opportunity at the next shot.

    Brett Murphy

  • DP

    Reply Reply December 18, 2009

    Excellent point – swing the club with confidence first – I like it.

  • Kevin Kaye

    Reply Reply December 18, 2009

    I don’t because my swing is inconsistent, my next shot may not find the target, no confidence is present, I’m mortal and my shot may be poor, and the fairway is slim compared that lengthy rough. But all I can do is control the controllable and not worry about a poor shot, they’re going to happen. Therefore I have zero regard for the result because it doesn’t matter either way, I’m just going to go through my routine and hit it freely.

    P.S. I’m only half teasing, ultimately I like your point

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