I just want to get my golf handicap down

I received an email from John the other day.

I’d like to reduce my handicap from 7 to 6

Here was my reply.

I think you’re selling yourself short. Your handicap is a stupid number, a number that us crazy golfers use to try and judge ourselves. How would you play if you didn’t care about it? What would you do differently?

It’s too easy to get caught up with your handicap and become a slave to it. But it’s crap – a way to stop yourself,

– playing in a way that’s truly meaningful
– finding true satisfaction
– playing your way

Forget about the handicap. If you play with passion and enthusiasm your handicap will take care of itself. Here’s some things you can do,

play more
work the short game, especially chipping and little shots around the green
get set with a strategy that suits you (easier said then done)
play shots that feel good to you
become more aware of your swing, feelings and emotions when you play (then write this stuff down)
help others (powerful)

Go for it!

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