Is the path to better golf BORING?

Here at GolfGooRoo global headquarters I’ve been saying that the path to better golf can be far from sexy.

This email came through this morning that highlights what I’m on about:

Funny thing happened today, just now in my backyard with some almost golf balls.

I realized I wasn’t automatic.

Here’s what I mean. I’m always trying to curve the ball, hit it further, straighter, and in general I’m a tinkerer. Not with technique, but with methods.

There’s this interesting man on youtube called Darrell Klassen. He teaches ball spin, and charges a fortune to take lessons with him. I tried his stuff over and over again to no avail. Then I temporarily go back to auto golf, and when I mishit a few shots, I try to curve the ball the other way. But this hasn’t helped at all.

So today, while I was hitting, I didn’t think about curving the ball, or anything of that nature. I wasn’t worried about a few mishits. I was getting more distance, accuracy and most of all enjoyment. I realized that why I go away from automatic golf was because it’s tempting to go after a quick fix, or some tip you find that sounds pleasing to the ear. There’s just so much stuff out there that it’s hard not to be tempted. It seems, in a sense, “boring” to stick with automatic golf for a long period of time, it’s certainly not as exciting as a new tip or idea or methodology. But the results speak for themselves. It’s just how we do everything else in life, look where you want to go, choose a club, read the wind and lie, (all behind the ball) then walk in and hit the damn thing. Its boring because it’s repetitive, and it seems like you’re doing the same thing over and over (actually, you basically are, but we do everyday things the same way every time and we don’t get bored because we don’t think much about these tasks).

So I’ve officially rediscovered automatic golf. I’ll see how long I can hold out against an army of information.

One of my favourite sayings is that Automatic Golf is far from sexy but it gives you sexy results. And this, in my opinion, is far better than the alternative. If you can learn to embrace the monotonous of peak performance (like choosing a defined target and letting go each time) and do it well, then you’ll be on a definitive path to better golf. In fact, I’m willing to bet if you can start right now, you’ll see serious improvement in the next week or so.

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  • William

    Reply Reply August 22, 2017

    HI Cameron.
    I have been following your Golf lessons for a long time. I have been playing Automatic golf since you Ist suggested it and have found it to be very successful. I just pick my target and hit the ball, I don’t worry about anything else. Thank you for making golf a very enjoyable game.



    • Cameron

      Reply Reply August 22, 2017

      Thanks William for the message. It really sounds like you’ve simplified your approach and enjoying the benefits of doing so. Well done, Cameron

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