It’s not magic but it’s the next best thing…

I’ve been receiving emails this week asking if natural and automatic learning can work for the respective senders.

Here’s my short answer;


A more detailed response is;

If you struggle to play consistently then natural learning can help you.

If you yip and stuff up those easy putts and chips then automatic playing can restore your confidence.

If you feel you have more talent and ability but can’t yet show it out on the course (when it really matters) then this is for you.

If you’ve had more lessons then you care to remember but still lack confidence or don’t now what you’re doing then you should take a look.

If you get so nervous on the first tee that you choke and hit terrible shots that destroy your confidence and ruin your round then you MUST learn to automate your game.

If you are continually let down by self-doubt, anxiety and fear then this is for you!

If you want to play better and don’t know how to go about it then this is definitely for you.

If the thought of playing poorly in front of your boss (or someone else) scares you to death then I’ll show you a strategy for overcoming the fear and playing better than you’d think possible.

If you want to naturally and easily hit the ball YOUR maximum distance then you’ll learn to do that too. There’s no gimmicks or special tricks.

If you suffer from aches and pains and what to minimise the stress and strain then automatic learning can assist here too.

If you’re thinking of quitting golf then take a look at automatic learning – it might just get you back on track before the real rot sets in.

If learning to transform your practice swing into your real swing is something you think would help then don’t be shy.

If you play 15 good holes but almost always blow up on the last three holes then the automatic strategy will help you remain confident, relaxed and masterful right to the end.

If you’re sick of quick-tips, miracle cures and all the other BS then I can show you something much more reliable and solid. It really does work!

If you’d like to beat your golfing mate just once! You know? The guy you know you can beat but for some reason you can’t get over the line.

If you’d like to experience something new. If your golf is boring and stagnant then natural learning might give you a spark.

If the thought of playing remarkable shots and golf excites you then you should take a look. Remarkable golf is so much better than good golf. To discover the difference you’ll have to take a peek 🙂

If you simply want to start playing better and leave your inconsistent, confusing and frustrating game behind then you really should start learning how to playing naturally and automatically – you won’t be disappointed.

If you think that automatic learning can help your golf game then please take a look at my book, Play Golf Your Way It will set you on a path of discovery, fulfillment and enjoyment.

One final word. This process is not magic and a quick fix. It’s far from it. It’s based on real world experience and learning strategies that have been shown to work time after time. It’s not magic but it might just be the next best thing for playing your best golf.

Good golfing,


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