My latest book – it's free!

The last few weeks have been hectic. I’ve had a few deadlines to meet and it’s now good to see the back of them.

Most of my time has been taken up with a new e-book I’ve been writing. It was supposed to be a short manual, but it’s turned out a bit longer than I’d planned. It’s not always easy to condense thoughts and ideas into something short. It’s something I’m still working on.

Anyway, I’m giving this e-book (probably more accurate to call it a report or manifesto) away free.

It’s the first step in something I’ve been planning for sometime. Not sure if the golf world is ready for this, but I’m going to give it a shot.

It would be great if you could check it out.

My Golf Manifesto

Let me know your thoughts.

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  • John

    Reply Reply November 12, 2008

    Great read Cameron, well done.
    I suggest people who are intrested in improving THEIR golf game read this ebook. As a society today we all too often look for a quick fix. Sorry but what Cameron’s suggests is not a quick fix but a permanent one which will let you play golf to YOUR true potential. It’s all about the process. There are no scars found on cowards.

  • Cameron Strachan

    Reply Reply November 27, 2008

    Artful Golfer: Yes, Shoemaker has been an influence. Most influential has been my own experience. You can read about playing better golf, have lessons and even think about golf. But nothing compares to actually getting out on the golf course and applying an automatic game. I’m sure your great round taught you plenty and given you a surge of confidence to do it again.

  • Wade

    Reply Reply December 23, 2008

    G’day Cameron, Read your e book today makes for interesting reading not just for golf lovers but anyone who is chasing a goal or dream or about life in general. I coach a football team and the steps that you outlined in this e book are fantastic the main was “The key step is a change of ATTITUDE” that is the main thing I try to teach footballers is to have the right attitude it goes along way to propelling you in the right direction. Unlocking your full potential and controlling the most powerful weapon on earth the human mind. Keep up the good work

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