Lose Your Ego

Having trouble with your golf game?

If you’re a bloke (that’s Aussie for male) then the chances are your ego is getting in the way.

Your ego is a distraction and you should leave it in the car. Doing so will help you avoid these two common mistakes:

  • Ignore good advice because you think you know everything. Most guys don’t know they do this. I’ve been guilty of this many times but I know I’m getting better. My round with Mike Clayton was an awesome learning experience – but I had to be open to his suggestions. This doesn’t mean you take on every bit of advice – listen, evaluate and learn. If the advice is dodgy you can move on.
  • Hit the shot your ego wants rather than the correct one. Our ego is good at this one. Rather than playing the conservative shot you get suckered in to going for the career shot. The result? Usually a blow up hole and a big score. You’ve got to take control of this – keep your mind clear and choose the shot you know you can hit successfully.

Egoless play won’t guarantee you’ll play great golf, but it will maximise your chances. You’ll make better decisions and won’t be distracted by others and some poor shots. You’ll also be in a better state to learn and improve.

Once you walk off the golf course go and get your little friend from the car and take it into the bar – this is the place where he does his best work.

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