Mowing madness and other things

I started a mowing business. Not sure what I was thinking but it sure has kept me very busy the last few months. And this is part of the reason why I’ve been more quiet than usual on the golf front.


Just some of the mowing gear!

But I’m ready to get back into things in the new year, including,

– playing a lot more golf
– finishing off TWO new books
– launching the new golf farm
– and trying to get fitter (I think I’m going to need some extra help with this one)

My favourite story of the year: And it certainly has a golf lesson attached.

Guy walks into mowing shop and says, “I need you to fix my lawn mower. The puller cord is not working”.

Mower Mechanic: Argh! You have no oil and the engine has seized, you need a complete overhaul.

Guy: That’s ok. I just need you to fix the puller cord.

Mower Mechanic: But your mower is in a bad shape. The mower really needs some love.

Guy: Can you please just fix the puller cord?

The mechanic puts a new chord in (only takes a few minutes) and hands the mower back.

Guy: Thanks.

I watched all this in disbelief while I was waiting for one of the many repairs we need done on a weekly basis. As is my way, I almost always can see a golf story equivalent. And the story is this…

Many of us crazy golfers are too focused on our pull chord (golf swing) and forget about the really important stuff, like the engine (which I think is our learning system). I know most of the golf industry will tell you the golf swing is most important, but I reckon this is all wrong.

No matter how good and strong your pull chord, if the engine is stuffed you’re in big trouble.

And the most important part here: The reason your pull chord broke in the first place is because you’ve neglected the important stuff. When it comes to mowing, you need to make sure you have oil and your filters are clean.

With your golf game you really need to swing the club with a very clear intention and then pull the trigger without fear of the consequences. This all allows your learning system to do what it does best without all the internal distractions.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you well for 2016. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs, leaves comments and supports me in what I do. I really appreciate it.


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  • allan kenny

    Reply Reply December 27, 2015

    true Cameron as it gets older it looses power ( distance) have a merry xmas & new year best wishes to all .allan

  • Tony Lucas

    Reply Reply December 27, 2015

    I know what you mean by the fitness thing Cam struggling to get the kilos off myself will have to zip the mouth methinks (ha ha).I have found recently that adopting the philosophy of hitting the ball at 80% without distraction is working very well for me . I hope you had a very good Christmas and have a happy new year to yourself and the family.
    Cheers Lukey

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