My favourite hole @ Barnbougle Dunes

My favourite hole on the Barnbougle complex is the 12th. Plays around 230 metres (par 4) – photo below.

The beauty are all the options presented. You can try and drive the green. You can lay up. You can play safe or go as aggressive as you like.

It’s a relatively simple hole but if you miss your drive or approach it’s very easy to rack up a big number. Out of 28 players the scores ranged from a 2 to an 8.

In my mind the short par 4’s are the most fun to play. A lot of the modern courses don’t have enough of these holes. Pity.

Barnbougle and Lost Farm have 4 amazing short holes that almost any club golfer could drive on a good day. These holes are a big part of the charm and why the course is so popular.


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  • Matt

    Reply Reply April 21, 2014

    Ahh yes Stracks. Couldn’t agree with you more on what you say about the short par 4. Played St. Andrew’s Beach today and it has a beauty in number 2. Hope you’re well mate. Good to see you’re still sticking it up the PGA and doing you’re own thing in you’re way. Although Metro’s pennant team doesn’t seem to be missing you. They’re flying aren’t they. Cheers mate. Matty C.

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