My first golf book

It’s done! After a fair bit of mucking around, my first golf book is finished.

So what’s it about? It’s essentially a detailed summary of my main ideas for playing better golf and automating your game. I outline the exact things that are most likely stopping you from playing your best and what you should be doing instead.

It’s a short book, but it’s packed with solid information that will help you overcome self-doubt and fear.

  • How to automate your golf game so you can play your best golf more of the time
  • How to stop fear from destroying your game
  • How to practice correctly so you improve quickly and without wasting your time
  • How to add 15 metres to your drive without changing your golf swing
  • How to cut through the confusion of traditional golf instruction to unlock your true golfing success
  • How to have more fun
  • How to get back in control of your golf game again

More detail:

Name – The Golfer’s Nightmare
Pages: 86
Keywords: Golf instruction, golf learning, golf psychology
Cost: $22 + GST (where applicable) + shipping

Some bonuses: I’m also including, Remarkable Golf (CD) and The World’s Simplest Golf Lesson (online video) with your purchase. Value of the bonuses is $84 and will come FREE while stock lasts.

The Golfer's Nightmare Book, by Cameron Strachan

The Golfer’s Nightmare Book

The Golfer’s Nightmare is available now. Visit this link to get yours now.

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