My Print Guy Has Had a Shocker

I’ll be quick.

Just picked up the latest batch of my hardcopy edition golf manuals. Not sure what has happened by my print company has printed some of them sideways. They’re all perfectly legible – but the book needs to be turned around sideways to be read. Not a big deal, but they’re not perfect.

I was going to throw them out but thought I might try and recoup some of the cost (they still charged me for it!), so I’m selling them for only $25. Normal price is $90.

Each “print stuff up” contains all of my material – there’s just the sideways print issue. Some might say they have a little bit extra character 🙂

If you’d like to order one please check out this page.

I’ll be back soon with a good golf lesson.


P.S. If anyone knows of a good print company please let me know!

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