[Part 2] Going Deeper

The other day I wrote about going deeper with your golf game. Here’s the follow up response from a golfer who is making huge inroads along the improvement process.

I now know why I play.

I play for the imperfectable nature that is the game of golf. It intrigues me deeply that no matter how hard you practice, how much your work on your swing, how ever much you go automatic, the ball might still go sideways, and that’s what makes it a great game. So imperfect, yet we always strive to get better. Now I can play with freedom because I know I’ll never master it. What a game.

I made a similar insight nearly 20 years ago – I wasn’t able to master the game because it’s just way too precise. But instead of letting this get me down, I embraced my imperfections and learned to play with what I had. Not only did easing up a little allow me to play better, it also got me closer to “perfect” golf.

It’s a strange contradiction that can only be fully understood if you break away from the typical swing instruction process and learn to truly play the game in a way that suits you.

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