Perfect golf is a myth

Playing perfectly seems like the right thing to do. But it isn’t. The “perfect golf” mindset is holding you back from playing better golf.

It makes you tight

It makes you play safe

You’ll think too much about your swing

You’ll analyse your game and make up stories

You’ll lack confidence

You’ll continue to go around in circles and repeat the above

You are not perfect. No golfer is and when you accept this you can tap into your best golf game. You’ll be able to swing without fear and concern.

The paradox here is that when you can leave perfect alone you’ll maximise the chances of playing perfectly.

And this, believe me, makes golf more fun.

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  • Tony Lucas (Lukey)

    Reply Reply November 24, 2009

    I agree with that philosophy and now I don’t try to play the perfect shot more I enjoy the auto shot that ends up as a great result.I never thought the day would arrive that I would allow myself to play auto but I can see the results and whilst it is still an ongoing process that day of magic is not far away (not a story).I look forward to meeting you one day and chatting about the process.
    Cheers Lukey

  • Ray C

    Reply Reply November 24, 2009

    Hello Cameron,
    Congratulations on you recent victory!Have enjoyed reading all the recent posts.
    Have just finished reading the book “Golf is not a game of Perfect”
    thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading other similar books.It was great to finally read a book that didn’t focus on golf technique!!!! I have also taken your advice and purchased my first hybrid wood to replace the three iron. Look forward to getting out to have a hit with this new club. I will let you know how I get on?
    Hello to all the other Tribers!


  • Cameron

    Reply Reply November 24, 2009

    @Lukey: Thanks for posting. Will definitely be having some seminars and coaching sessions next year and look forward to catching up.

    Will talk soon.


  • Steady

    Reply Reply November 24, 2009

    Hi Cam,
    I agree wholeheartedly. There are 2 things that don’t go well together. Oil and Water, Pefectionism and Golf.
    For years I struggled with the concept that if I could only have a great swing, play golf with no mistakes constantly that I would be a great golfer. This is what the entire golf professional focus on. The ability is not in hitting it straight all the time but by allowing/giving yourself the best oppurtunity to play golf at your level. Magazines, books and dvd’s in technical instruction are not going to make you a single digit golfer.
    I have learnt the expensive and hard way. The great thing about golf is the challenge. If you do make a mistake, challenge youself to get up and down or play a shot that you can rely on. Then and only then is golf exciting and rewarding.
    The reason why we have a handicap is for mistakes. I play off a handicap between 5 and 7. That allows me to make five or seven mistakes a round. I used the polite word mistakes.
    Sam Snead I think said the he allows to make 5 mistakes around. Yet even he played sub par golf. Why? because he focused on the challenge not what got him there. He understood that he wasn’t perfect and thus made it into a challenge.
    Cheers Steady
    PS Sometimes bogey is a good score.
    PPS Better than double or triple.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply November 24, 2009

    @Ray: Thanks very much. Glad you like the posts. There’s a great book called Mind Swings – Burns and Masters (I think) worth tracking down if you can get it. This book helped me more than any other.

    Keep in contact and do let me know how the hybrid goes. I actually tried one the other day too. Could be a good Xmas present 🙂



  • Gregor

    Reply Reply November 26, 2009

    I like your statement that when you accept you are not perfect you can swing without fear and concern. It’s like someone saying ‘hit the ball, find it and then hit it again’. I find that after hitting the ball I decide whether or not it was a good shot. This probably dictates my mood and confidence walking between shots, although I am not overly conscious of this unless it is a really bad shot. Probably not ideal for playing great golf.

  • DP

    Reply Reply November 26, 2009

    Have been re-reading bioswing.
    looking forward to playing today with a different swing-this could be it.
    Feeling excited anticipation as always!

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply November 27, 2009

    @DP: Good to hear from you again. How did the new swing go?

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