A simple way to overcome self-doubt, fear and nervousness is to play with speed. If your game is stuck and you’re frustrated with lack of improvement then you might need speed.

I’m not asking you to rush. There’s a difference. When you’re rushing you’ve let the situation get the better of you – you’ve panicked and have little chance of success.

Playing with speed requires a clear head, conviction of thought and a commitment to the process. When we play with speed, all the distraction of internal dialogue disappears – all that’s left is a firm game plan on what you really want to achieve.

This is the heart of positive thinking.

  • Workout exactly what you want to achieve
  • Choose a club that will do the job
  • Go for it!

I play my best rounds when I’m not hatching*. I don’t worry or concern myself about results – there’s no time. The golf course is for playing, there’s plenty of time afterwards for reflection and analysis.

* Hatching is a term a mate of mine uses to describe someone who spends so much time over the ball that it looks like they’re hatching eggs. I like it and have borrowed it from him.

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