The power phase of the swing happens as a result of what as gone before it. It is essentially mechanical.

So you need to get the golf swing fundamentals of the backswing and early downswing correct before you’ll be in good shape of giving the ball a nice long journey.

The majority of the power comes from the slinging of the arms. This is why it is important to stabilize the body – your arms are then free to move quickly and with power. If the body is spinning too much, the arms are never able to work as effectively.

Think of the power phase as throwing the club towards the target. You want your focus to be on the upper arms. Too much attention to the forearms and you’ll over rotate them, causing the club face to close and a loss of accuracy the result.

The downswing is a throwing motion, the faster you can move your arms the further you will hit the ball. You can even simulate the downswing by throwing clubs, gently at first, down the fairway. Always make sure that safety is a priority as thrown golf clubs can go in all directions – even backwards!

Once you get a good feel for this you can pick up the pace. I don’t recommend trying to throw clubs too far – but simulate the power phase by making a throwing motion but not letting go of the club. I believe this is the simplest swing in golf. It gives power, accuracy and places less strain and stress on your body. It also gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’. You’ll get the most distance with the least amount of effort. Not a bad deal!

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