Putting those short putts with confidence

This video forms part of my Perfect Putting Platinum System. I shot this video on my mate’s synthetic green in his backyard.

If you have trouble making those 3 and 4 footers then I’m sure you’ll like this video. It’s got some great content and will show you a strategy or two for putting with more confidence.

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My new putting product is a mini membership site and it contains over an hour of video. Videos can be viewed on 99.9% of computers and requires no technical skill whatsoever. All you need is an internet connection. Check it out

And before anyone complains I am demonstrating in this video right-handed. I usually play left-handed.

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  • Tony Lucas (Lukey)

    Reply Reply December 10, 2009

    Thanks for the above snippit on the putting side of things because I must admit my putting whilst not being ultra bad had just gone off that little bit.It is refreshing to see your actual approach to the ball (I’m on holidays)and the fact you have picked the point where you want the ball to go.My approach to those putts has been very similar but you have now opened a different dimension to it and I now feel more confident with it.Steady did tell me you were an awesome putter and it was great to see some actual footage.
    Cheers Lukey
    PS Did you end up doing a DVD on putting?

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply December 10, 2009

    @Lukey: The system is really simple. So easy in fact that I’ve learned to do it both left and right handed 🙂

    I’ve done something better than a DVD. It’s a private website with over an hour’s worth of content. Plus it gets updated with regular new content. This means it keeps getting better and better. Something a book or DVD can’t do. Click here to learn more.

    Lucky you for being on holidays.


  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply December 19, 2009

    I recently purchased Cameron’s Perfect Putting Platinum system. If you’re tempted but don’t want to spend $97 think again. I’ve probably read everything thats ever been said about putting over 30 years of playing golf and yet here’s the answer for $97. Its ridiculous. The golf “teaching” industry is ruining this great game. Thanks Cameron for having the guts to put this stuff out there. Its gold.

  • Roy

    Reply Reply April 22, 2010


    I have been practicing hitting putts while looking at the cup and not at the ball. It is almost the same as closing your eyes to find your natural stroke. Surprisingly to me, the putts were either close or in the cup. I wonder if I could play a whole round of golf without looking at my ball. What do you think?


    • Cameron

      Reply Reply April 26, 2010

      Yes Roy – give it a go. Have fun, let go and don’t think too much. Let it flow.

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