A small change that can make the world of difference!

A few years back I discovered that using slightly larger grips had a positive affect on my game. Not only did these bigger grips feel better but they allowed me to swing more confidently and freely.

Thin grips can be hard to hold – especially if you have big hands or a bit of arthritis. The club will move around when you swing, making it difficult to swing with confidence.

Bigger grips make a world of difference. I’m not talking about super jumbo grips – they go a bit far. I’m talking about what I call “chunky” grips – larger than normal but without being so big that they make the club useless.


Standard grips, like the one above, don’t fit into the hand that well for many golfers. They just don’t feel right!


A slightly larger grip makes the difference. Your hand sits in a more natural and comfortable position.

After using a larger grip for over two years I couldn’t (can’t) go back to a thinner grip. Thin grips now feel awful! The club slips around and makes control difficult.

The larger grip feel right – just like a tennis racket, baseball bat or cricket bat.

If you’re serious about your game and want to get an advantage without changing your golf swing then look at increasing the size of your grip.

Make sure the grips are perfectly round and don’t alter the weight or balance of your golf clubs.

But beware – once you use “chunky” grips you will never go back!

Good golfing,


P.S. Some further information about larger grips;

  • You can use them on all of your clubs. This includes your drive, wedges and everything in between.
  • Best that you get a pro shop to fit your grips. Fitting grips is not hard, the professional have the right equipment and can do it quickly.
  • Grip size will always come down to personal preference. Test what feels good to you and then match all of your clubs.

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  • William

    Reply Reply April 1, 2013

    I just regripped my clubs from standard to oversized about ten days ago based on my common problem of every time I get a good strike it draws most of the time. I know guys like that but I dont because its too unpredictable for me.
    I read that oversized grips will make the ball fly straight or to the right. Now most of my good strikes go dead straight or have a baby fade that is extremely playable. ALL of my ‘bad’ shots are ONLY strong fades now. Its almost like the whole left side of the fairway is gone now and I dont have to worry about it anymore where I used to be playing army golf (left, right, left, right).
    I was getting bogeys so easily yesterday on so many holes that I couldnt believe it (Been playing about 18 months total so far).

    My lowest scores have been 91, but I have to REALLY work to get those before. With this grip change as long as my putting doesnt go down the tubes getting that score should be a LOT easier now since Im hitting more fairways more often.

    I suggest to ALL new players that before you spend thousands in lessons and do what I did and go thru 10 sets of irons looking for the ones that actually live up to the claims of making you play like a pro, that you take one of your long irons or hybrids and have it regripped with an oversized grip. Just do the one so you can see if there is an instant change or not.
    At first you’ll be going right a bit but once you get your address and grip adjusted you should be hitting straight balls with some small fades and practically ZERO balls left.
    Its almost like you remove the whole left side of the fairway, which means you have a much higher percentage to keep the ball in play.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply April 1, 2013

      Yep, thicker grips are good. Everyone should give ’em a go.

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