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I‘ve been busy lately. I’ve updated this golf blog and also built a new main golf website.

I got a little sidetracked earlier in the year. I lost focus with the core objective of the website and took too much advice from dodgy marketing gurus. That was a big mistake but I’m now back on track.

This main website ( contains some great golf instruction free of charge. I’m hoping to make it a complete golf instruction authority site – a place where golfers can come and learn about playing better golf. It’s a work in progress but there’s plenty of content there now. Just for starters;

Overtime I’m hoping that my blog and will grow into something special. If you have any questions or feedback then I’d love to hear it. This is the only way I can keep improving what I do.

Check out the new golf site here.

Thanks for being part of my golfing Tribe,


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