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Dear golfer,

First off let me thank all those golfers that have sent me their golfing history. It has been a great learning experience for me and I look forward to going through them a second time to learn more. Unfortunately I have received so many that it has been difficult to reply to everyone. I’ll also be announcing the winner of the new product this week…it is nearly ready!

Now for some golf!

More Distance

I played on Friday and made a decision to go for it. I followed the automatic process on each shot (including putting) and had that as my goal…I didn’t worry about score or performance…just playing automatically.

What really surprised me was how far I was hitting the ball. By the second nine I was right into the round. My mind was clear and my swing was relaxed and fluid. In that state almost aways perform well. On the 14th hole I hit perhaps the longest drive I’ve ever done. It traveled close to 350 metres and I only had a wedge into a par 5 green. It was a great feeling.

If you want more distance allow your subconscious to swing the club for you. Pull out all stops and let it rip. Trying for control causes you to tighten up, not allowing all your natural power to come through.

Learning to let go

I was at a party on Saturday night. When some of the golfers heard about what I do they were interested in learning more. The usual questions are mainly on quick fixes. People think that I can give them one piece of advice and that will allow them to play better instantly. I’m dead against this, so I took my time to explain the learning and automatic principle. I must have made sense because a few of them started making mock swings on the back lawn. A funny sight!

Later in the night I was approached by a guy who must of been thinking about what I said earlier. My advice resonated with him and he made a great comment/question, “It seems you teach golfers to be remarkable, to step out of their comfort zone and play golf without fear of failure. What steps would you encourage golfers to take to do so?”.

It could have been the beer but my answer surprised me. It was crystal clear and came without hesitation.

  1. Play a minimum of three rounds automatically. Forget about swing mechanics…just play. This is my standard advice.
  2. Break some rules. Play quickly, swing fast or play the course back to front. Breaking habits can be fun and should be encouraged. Being different is a good thing!
  3. Practice like you play and play like you practice.
  4. Learn to trust your instincts. Ignore those that don’t agree.
  5. Don’t give up…at least not until you’ve given things a fair go

I believe that the above advice will help you play remarkably. Remarkable is so much better than just good. Good golf could be playing to your handicap. Remarkable golf would be playing to your handicap using only a 5 iron. It’s not always about the score. Learn to be to be different and you’ll continually improve and get the most out of your golf game.

And have some fun…it’s not that serious!

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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